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average cost of bathroom remodel

Are you in the market for a brand-new bathroom in the Sacramento, CA, or Reno, NV areas? Master bath remodel costs likely aren’t as expensive as you think. In this article, you will learn more about the following:

  • How much a full bath remodel may cost you
  • The different facets of remodeling
  • More details about what each part of the bathroom remodel may cost

The average cost of a full master bathroom remodel can range from $2500 to $30,000, but this figure depends on what type of materials you use, which contractors you book, and even where in the country you live. You may budget for a smaller remodel only to discover that your 50-year-old home could use new plumbing. On the other hand, you might set aside far more than what you need when you could simply paint the cabinets instead of replacing them.

It can be confusing and at times stressful to plan a bathroom remodel, but fortunately, there are steps you can take to make the entire experience easier — and even fun. Let’s take a look at each component of the bathroom remodel and break down the cost of each area. Read through the following information to learn what you may expect to spend on sinks, toilets, and plumbing when you are renovating your master bathroom.

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom remodeling is not as simple as replacing a toilet or painting the room to match a new household color scheme. Often, the bathroom remodel consists of several smaller renovation jobs, which can include changing the layout and making other accommodations for accessibility. Perhaps you have a teenager who needs more privacy and their own bathroom space, or maybe your elderly father-in-law has just moved into your home, and he needs help getting into and out of the shower.

There are many solutions to these common bathroom issues, and it’s possible to solve them all with a full remodel. Try making a list of your current bathroom’s problems — or whatever you’ve always wanted to change about the room — before presenting them to your bath remodeler or contractor. This will give the professionals working on the room a great starting place and a solid plan going forward.

Average Cost To Remodel Bathroom

You may have an indication as to how much work needs to be done on your bathroom — or you may want to upgrade everything regardless of the price. If you know that a specific room feature such as the vanity or plumbing needs to be replaced immediately, you’ve found the place to start your research.

New Sinks or Vanity Costs

The sinks and vanity often serve as a centerpiece for the master bathroom. Your vanity, even if it shows no sign of aging, can complement your bathroom or make it look outdated. Picking a new vanity allows you to switch out old countertops for sleek granite, add a second sink if necessary, and swap out smaller mirrors for ones that bring light into the room.

You may opt to buy the vanity and sinks as a set or wish to replace the sinks alone. Expect to spend at least $500 to replace mirrors and an average of $1500 to install a premade vanity. If you expect to customize your vanity, you can count on spending more and additionally paying for the labor of building cabinets and installing new sinks.

New Toilets and Plumbing

When you consider how humanity had progressed from the invention of indoor plumbing in the 16th century to the 19th century when flushable toilets became all the rage to now, it’s safe to say that toilets have changed quite a bit. Just because your toilet flushes and works adequately, though, doesn’t mean that it’s optimized or even your best option for your bath remodeling project.

If you’ve never thought about your toilet beyond the few times a day you visit it, it may be time to consider this underrated appliance. Signs that you should consider replacing your toilet often include the following:

  • Your toilet or its tank is leaking
  • Your toilet takes a long time to flush, or it simply stops flushing
  • Your toilet’s repairs over the past year have cost you more money than it would be to install a new one
  • Your toilet was installed before 1992 and has a high flush volume (1.6 gallons or more)

Don’t wait until you see one of these signs — or until your toilet stops working altogether. Get in touch with a qualified bathroom remodeler and discuss your options for replacing an aging toilet as part of your bathroom remodel. The cost of a new toilet, depending on the type of features you want it to include (maybe you want to splurge on a heated seat or a matching bidet), can cost from around $100 to $1500.

New Shower or Bath Tub

The shower or bathtub can be the crown jewel of any bathroom. This is the part of the room that says “relaxation” to whoever enters. Hiding your shower away in a corner or hoping nobody notices how tiny and ancient your bathtub is simply won’t do! You may wish to remodel your shower for function, accessibility, aesthetics, or a combination of the three.

Costs of Bathroom Lighting

As any designer will tell you, adding new lighting is one of the fastest ways to change the look and feel of a room. Letting natural sunlight into windows will give your bathroom a more modern look and help to make the space feel more open. You may also opt to use larger mirrors to give the sense that the room is larger than it is and choose backlit mirrors to enhance the room’s ambiance. Bulbs with different color temperatures may help bring your bathroom into the present as well: Consider swapping out old fixtures with too-yellow lights for soft-white bulbs in elegant, “modern farmhouse” light fixtures. You can expect to budget about $450-$900 to upgrade your lighting.

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