Call in Script

Thank you for calling USA Bath, my name is (please state your full - first and last - name), may I please have your First and Last name?

Thank you so much, and just to make sure I pronounce that correctly can you confirm the spelling of your last name Mr/Mrs __________?

And finally, just in case we get disconnected, can I have the best phone number to reach you at?

Is this a cell phone or a Home phone?

Mr./Ms. Last Name, what kinds of problems are you experiencing with your bath or shower that prompted you to call us today?


They will answer with some level of detail ...but essentially whatever they answer will fit into 2 categories - they either want to remodel their bathroom because they don’t like the color, or have mold, or have hard time cleaning it etc… ----> go to surfaces / seals script
Or they have some sort of mobility or access issue - can’t climb over the tub anymore to get in shower, worried about falling, etc…----> go to access part of script

Remember we do FULL bathroom remodels with the following caveats:

  • We won’t move structural or load bearing walls - ie we won’t change the size of the bathroom
  • We’ll do a full bathroom IF it involves the Bath or shower. So we’ll move or install a vanity or a toilet but only if we also remodel the bath/shower.
  • If they only want a new toilet or vanity we do not do that.

Excellent, we can help you with that...(then branch to either surfaces/seals OR access)

(for surfaces or seals)
We offer a really unique solution to those maintenance issues. We offer acrylic baths, showers and wall surrounds. Are you familiar with acrylic? It is a non-porous material similar to the material used to make bullet proof glass and football helmets. Hard water doesn't stick to it, and there is no grout! It is super easy to clean.

Also, we use a proprietary installation process, where our seals are built to last forever. In fact, your system will be waterproof and you won't have mold or mildew ever again. We even offer a lifetime warranty which covers the products and the installation! Does that sound like something you would like for your home?

(For access) About half of our work involves making a bathroom more accessible. We offer seats, safety bars, adjustable height shower heads and other options for you. We also offer a super low-maintenance material, and a lifetime warranty on every remodel. How does that sound?

And how did you hear about us?

Note: If they pick “Other” please add details to Inquiry Notes at the end of the call.

Was there a specific promotional offer that lead you to call us?

Note: If they pick “Other” please add details to Inquiry Notes at the end of the call.

Mr./Mrs. Last Name, in order to get you a price for your project, we offer a free in-home consultation. The confirmation allows us to do 2 things: first, we offer an inspection so that we can understand the work that needs to be done and second we show you design choices that will work in your home. Once we have completed the inspection and the design, we can give you an exact price, right to the penny.
Does that sound good?



WANTS A BALLPARK PRICE: I appreciate the price question. Let me explain exactly how our pricing works. We have 2 pieces to our pricing. First, we need to understand the work to be done in your home and second, we need to understand the design choices you will make. When we have those pieces of information, we can put them together and give you an exact price.
Part of the design consultation is creating a project that you will love and that will fit into your budget!


If they insist on a ballpark: We are the top bathroom remodeling company in Northern California and Northern Nevada. I promise we will give you the very best price possible for your project. Ok?


If they insist again: Most bath and shower remodels are between $7,000 and $12,000. How does that range work for you?


If they have a max budget of $2-4k, no appointment set and move to end call.

Great! This process takes about 90 minutes, and we would like to schedule it at a time when anyone who might have a question can be there. The consultation is free, and is the best opportunity for everyone to get the information at the same time. Are there any family members or friends who you would like to have with you for this consultation?



WANTS A ONE PARTY APPOINTMENT: In our experience, everyone has different questions about remodeling a bathroom. Our consultant will cover design and style details, but also technical information and building code compliance and much more. We just hope you will make the most of this time by having everyone there. Does that make sense?


If needs further convincing Another reason we require both home owners be present is because we have thousands of options and can estimate your job at least 20 to 25 different ways. What we've found is, that if everyone's not present, then we may give you an inaccurate estimate based on the style that one of you decides on. Then, your spouse or family member may decide on another option, thus changing the price entirely. The last thing we want to do is give you a false quote. If everyone is present, we can figure out together exactly what you want, and give you an exact price to the penny what your investment would be. Does that sound good?

If they insist on setting the 1 Legger - proceed with setting the appointment and we'll try again at confirmation
- Please note in Inquiry Notes at end of call that a one legger

I AM NOT INTERESTED AT THIS TIME: Well, I can certainly appreciate that, in fact most people are in the information gathering stage and our free, in-home consultation will assist you in that process. We can send out a representative who will show you all the options available for when it comes to time to do the work. Once you have chosen your options and we have done the measurements, we will put together a specific proposal for your project. There is no cost or obligation for this service and it will provide you with a figure so that you can fit the project into your future budget.

HOW LONG WILL THE APPOINTMENT TAKE: Well it all depends on how many questions you both have. We have found that the appointment usually takes about 90 minutes, but again, it depends on how many questions you have.

OK Great!
And may I please have the exact street address for this appointment?

And you said your phone number was phone?
Is this your primary contact number? Is there another number you would like to add?

Note: If they did not give a cell phone number - please try to obtain by saying:
"Could we please have your cell phone number - we have found it’s less intrusive for customers to communicate by text and we would like to be able to send important information about your upcoming appointment that way."

Is there a time or day that is more convenient for you (and your significant other or husband or Mother etc...) - we can come Monday through Saturday as early as 10am through 6pm.

NOTE: Please schedule at least 3 days out - If they need service sooner than 72 hours please TEXT the message with name, number, and scheduling need to Bob Spinetta on 775.527.4025. If no response in 5 minutes, CALL Bob. And tell customer that someone will be calling them shortly to schedule - end call and submit form with inquiry notes.

Great - we are all set. I will send an email confirming your appointment date and time along with some information to help you prepare for the appointment.
Can I have your email address please?

If the customer has not set an appointment at this point they would have hung up - make sure to fill out all the zones below:

If the customer has set an appointment - they will still be on phone. Now say:

Ok, we will look forward to meeting you on Date at Time in City .

We will call you a couple of days before the appointment to confirm all this information including the name of the Design Consultant you should expect.

Do you have any other questions for me?
Great, thanks for calling USA Bath, have a wonderful day!

Please Add inquiry notes as soon as you hang up before submitting. Describe briefly what the customer is looking for and outcome of call and any next steps required:

  • Please remember to include details about the customer’s product interest, or why he was not interested (ie product was too expensive, or he didn’t set because he needs to consult his wife - please call back next week, etc...all details.
  • If “Other” was picked in Lead source - please put detail here.
  • If “Other” was picked in Promotional Offer, please put detail here.
  • If customer insisted on doing appointment alone (and is not single homeowner) - please note that it was set as a 1 Legger and we will try again on Confirmation
  • IF an appointment was NOT set because the caller wants service earlier than the 72 hour scheduling widow, OR, we cannot find a slot that works for the caller, we would like you to also TEXT the message with name, number, and scheduling need to Bob Spinetta on 775.527.4025. If no response in 5 minutes, CALL Bob.
  • If appointment was not set because couldn’t find a slot - please put preferences here and mark URGENT
  • Please put any Time of Day preferences for contact here