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We Offer Affordable Financing & Low Monthly Payments!

Learn More About How We Can Save You Money!

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USA Bath® offers custom solutions to fit your lifestyle, beautifying your home inside and out more

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling Reno

Here at USA Bath® in Reno we strive to help homeowners turn their dull, outdated bathroom into a stunning new space with our bath and shower options. We have a variety of styles, colors and patterns to match your home, needs and budget. Get the enjoyable bathing experience you deserve!read more

Beautiful Closets

Custom Closets Reno

You don't have to live with clutter! With a closet from USA Bath® in Reno, you can turn your space into a clean, streamlined room with storage space built for your needs. We have lots of styles, colors and patterns to fit any room in your home!read more

Aging in Place

Aging in Place Reno

Our walk-in tubs have hydrotherapy to help relieve pain and stress. Gain easy access from a wheelchair with our barrier free showers. Our accessibility products are a safe and stylish solution to bathing. We can create your bathing oasis with safety and comfort features to enjoy for years to more

The New Year is always full of resolutions, unfortunately, a large amount of these resolutions don’t last a month! Make 2017 the year for your resolutions to stick. While we here at USA Bath in Reno can’t help you with your resolution to lose twenty pounds, we can help you get organized. If you haven’t a clue where to begin, we will gladly walk you through everything you need to know. Our closet remodels are a great way to reinvent your storage space and get more organized. We offer All-Purpose Storage Solutions that are your simple and affordable answer to having total organization in 2017!

We want you to make this the year you stopped hunting for clothing every single morning. When we are done, every single item of clothing will have its very own spot in your closet. Plus, you will show up for work looking organized and smart! Our rule of thumb is that if you wear it, you should keep it. Only purge those clothing items or accessories that you don’t wear. When many of our clients first call on us, they are often worried that their closets are helpless. Either too small or too cramped to be helped! Not the case with us here at USA Bath in Reno. To this day, we have not stumbled upon a closet too big, too small, or too challenging for us find a storage solution! Our Closet Organization Experts, which consist of organization experts and designers, are extremely talented and gifted at maximizing every single inch of your closet space. They are quite adept at finding ways to maximize storage space by using shelving, bars, and organization bins.

You will absolutely love your closet when we get done with it. The best part is that many jobs can be completed in just a day or two. We are fast, affordable and one of the very best at what we do! You will wonder why you waited so long to organize your home with a closet remodel! It packs everything you need into a perfectly organized space so it’s readily accessible!


If your bathtub is the reason you break out into hives whenever friends and family want to visit from out of town, we here at USA Bath in Reno have your easy, fast, and affordable solution. Our custom bath wall surrounds will instantly solve your ugly tub problems in as quickly as one day! That’s right, one day is all it takes for us to replace your ugly, cracked, and dull tub. In its place, you will have a sparkling and inviting tub that you can’t wait for your guests use. You will actually be mad at yourself for waiting as long as you did to have a bath wall surround installed.

The best part is that our custom bath surround are not your box store bath liners. They are custom fit so that they are airtight and leave no room for any gaps or leaks whatsoever. Plus, they are super easy to keep clean and are completely mold and mildew resistant. You will never have to get down on your hands and knees and scrub what seems like impossible to remove dirt and grime anymore. Your hard scrubbing days are long gone. Our liners are non-porous and very easy to wipe clean, requiring no harsh chemicals. All it takes is a little soap and a damp cloth to renew the sheen of your bath. They’re also resistant to chips, scratches, stains, and fades, putting them on par with the strongest tubs.

We here at USA Bath in Reno offer the highest quality products at the very best prices you will find. We can match any color scheme you are trying to match as we offer a large selection of designer and traditional colors. Our liners are so high-quality that they will last a lifetime. Our bathroom remodeling also includes a full line of high-quality and dependable handicap accessible options like step through inserts, walk-in tubs, and tub to shower conversions. We want our customers to have safe bathing options if mobility issues are starting to present challenges.

The professionals at USA Bath in Reno are excellent at walking you through all of your options so you don’t have to worry about which is right for your bathroom. Together, you will come up with a solution that is perfect for you and your family. After that, we take care of the full installation process and in a day, you will have a bathtub you love spending time in and showing off.


If the current state of your bathroom leaves you wanting to avoid it at all costs, we here at USA Bath can introduce you to several simple and affordable bathroom remodeling options that will have you wanting to spend as much time as you can in your bathroom. We have helped thousands of customers in California and Nevada affordably transform their bathrooms into a space they love and are not afraid to show off.

A common problem that many homeowners face is their showers. If your shower is dark, drab, and depressing our shower remodeling options will have you singing in the shower again. Whether you need a new shower door, replacement shower, tub-to-shower conversion, wall surround, step through insert or perhaps a barrier free shower, we can help! Our solutions are not only affordable, they are quick. In fact, we can transform your shower nearly instantaneously with our one-day installation! No one wants or can afford to have their bathroom tied up for weeks and weeks. With us here at USA Bath, you will not have to. One day is all we need to give you the shower you love!

The beauty of our products is that if they bear our name, they are of the highest quality you will find. All of our bath and shower options are incredibly easy to clean. As soon as you pick up the phone and tell us what you don’t like about our bathroom, we will start brainstorming the perfect bathroom remodeling options for your particular problem. We will send out a team of talented contractors and designers who will take a look at your space and then present you with a few options to transform your shower. Once you settle on a plan, we will get to work. You will absolutely love our crews as they take great pride in their work and craftsmanship. When your job is complete you will absolutely love your shower again and look forward to every second of your time in it. With us here at USA Bath, it’s not just about getting clean, it’s about having a relaxing space to unwind in. We can help you get the shower you love quickly, affordably, and with the highest quality products.



No one ever looks forward to taking a bath when their bathtub isn’t very pretty to look at. If your bathtub has cracks, stains, or is dull looking, we here at USA Bath in Reno can remedy the problem and give you a bathtub that you rush home to soak in. Our replacement bathtubs not only are extremely good looking, they are available in many styles and colors to coordinate beautifully with your bathroom. Another definite perk to our replacement bathtubs is that they are just so easy to keep clean. You don’t need to buy any expensive cleaners. All you need to make your new tub sparkle is some warm water and a soft cloth.

Our replacement bathtubs are also non-porous, which means you will never have to worry about pesky mold and mildew. Unlike traditional baths, our baths are scratch and chip resistant. This means they will never chip or scratch. Here at USA Bath in Reno, we offer a very large selection of designer colors and tub styles to suit even the pickiest tastes. No matter what style or color scheme you are trying to coordinate, we have the perfect complement. Aside from just updating your cracked and dated tub with a shiny replacement bathtub, we also offer a large selection of handicap accessible options to make bathing not only relaxing but safe as well.

Throughout the years, many of our customers have let us know that the biggest mistake they made is holding onto their old and problematic bathtub for so many years. They tell us, they would shy away from having company sleepover because of the state of their old, ugly bathtub. Stop making excuses and start enjoying a beautiful new bathtub. You’ve settled long enough. USA Bath in Reno has the perfect tub for you and your family at a price you can afford.


If you’re not happy with the layout of your closet or the amount of space you currently have, USA Bath in Reno can help. If the square footage in your closet seems hopeless, we have your affordable solution. No, we are not going to suggest knocking down walls and a complete demolition. We are going to first come out and sit down with you and find out what’s not working with your current space. We will find out what kind of features you would love to have in your closet. Next, we are going to work to design the ultimate closet for you by utilizing every single square inch of your current space.

We’re not just going to present you with a plan on paper, instead, you will be presented with a custom, virtual model. Think of it as a blueprint of your new closet using our 3-D software. This software allows you to actually visualize what your new closet will look like. It will also allow you to change and update any area until the space is 100 percent exactly how you want it! This software allows us to customize closets in a way that no other company can! Last but not least, you will be able to choose whatever accents and finishes fit your style preferences. You will also be able to choose your own lighting and accessories. You will be working alongside our talented contractor and designers, who will guide you through the process so that your space is perfection.

At USA Bath in Reno, all of the materials that we use to build our custom closets are made from the highest quality, sustainable materials. You will absolutely love how much space your new closet affords you. We excel at arranging cabinets, shelving, and drawers to maximize every inch of space in your current closet. While we excel at custom closets, garage storage is fast becoming one of our most requested services. Ask yourself this question, “Do you spend more time looking for something in your garage than on the actual job for which you needed the tool?” If you answered yes, we can help you get a streamlined and ultra-organized garage. Our solutions include a Fusion Track Wall system and other accessories to maximize your storage. Our process is very similar to how we do closets. We will first present you with a 3-D plan and go from there. Whether you are looking for an organized closet, garage, laundry room, etc., you’ve found your company with us here at USA Bath in Reno.


If you or a loved one is suffering from mobility issues, we here at USA Bath in Reno can help. We are so much more than just gorgeous bathroom remodeling solutions. We offer the very best accessibility products that will be the answer to your mobility challenges. Bathrooms are hands down, the most dangerous rooms in your home. They are where many home accidents occur. Don’t wait for a fall, or serious injury. If you or a loved one has mobility issues, our accessibility products will make the bathing experience safer and more relaxing. Plus, accessories like grab bars and shower seats can make bathing even easier with USA Bath in Reno! Our goal is to help our customers remain independent in the bathroom. One of our most popular products is our walk-in tubs. Many of our satisfied customers tell us that our product single-handedly gave them back their bathing independence. Our walk-in tubs are life changing. They include a very low-threshold so all you have to do is open the tub door and simply walk-in. Our walk-in tub also comes with beneficial hydrotherapy, to help ease muscle and joint pain.

We also offer tub-to-shower conversions and barrier free showers to give you or your loved one back their bathing independence. Our step-through inserts offer you an affordable way to make your bathing experience safer without the mess, inconvenience and price tag of a full bathroom remodel.

Benefits of our Accessible Bathing Products include:

  • Affordable Pricing
  • Reduces risk of injury
  • Easy access to bathing area
  • Low Maintenance
  • Safety accessories available
  • Variety of colors and styles
  • Most of our Products Can Be Installed in One Day

When you choose us here at USA Bath in Reno, you can count on high-quality products with professional installation, outstanding customer service and fair and honest pricing. In one day we can give you or your loved one back their bathing independence. The highest quality products, expert installers and affordable pricing is what USA Bath in Reno offers you!


Too often, homeowners find themselves in a rut. This can be brought on by many factors, ranging from complacency with their jobs to an uninspired home aesthetic. If the latter is a cause for dissatisfaction in your day-to-day life, then USA Bath in Reno has the perfect solution for breaking you out this rut. Remodeling your bathroom can act as a sort of release for artistic expression through your home’s aesthetic. Since the bathroom is one of the most commonly used areas in the home, it only makes sense that you’d like it to be in the best shape possible. The bathroom remodeling options we have can upgrade your bathroom so it has the outstanding look that will give you a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Of our bathroom options, the shower remodel has become one of our most asked about products. If you’re wondering why that is, then just imagine what a brand new shower can do for you bathroom. It can completely revamp the look of your entire bathing space by using more vibrant colors to give it a unique style, or removing unsightly damage with a new wall surround. All of the options we carry at USA Bath in Reno are designed to give your shower an entirely new look that will instantly transform it from a bathing apparatus to your bathroom’s glorious new centerpiece. If you choose to have a new wall surround installed as your shower remodel, then you can experience the benefits of a low-maintenance shower.

Our design experts are trained to help you create the perfect bathroom expression for your home. We use our knowledge to examine your bathing space and help you figure out what designs, colors, and styles would best suit it. We’ve catered all of our bathroom remodeling options to fit within the parameters of our model for convenience to the homeowner. In other words, a remodel from us is affordable and quick, often taking a little under day depending on which option you choose. For more information about how remodeling your shower can save your bathroom, contact us today.


Perhaps the biggest key to increasing any space to maximize its utilization is organization. Organizing is one of the simplest things any homeowner can do when trying to find more storage space in their home. At USA Bath in Reno, one of our many specialties is to help homeowners optimize their storage space by offering solutions for bedrooms, living area, garages, and more. Our storage solutions from California Closets® include closets, storage cabinets, workbenches, murphy beds, and several others. It’s time to eliminate the stress of sifting through a cluttered mess just to find the tool or item you need to move on with your day. One of our more popular storage space solutions comes in the form of optimizing your garage space.

Our primary solution for garage storage is the workbench, which can include storage cabinets, a Fusion Track Wall system, and other accessories to optimize your storage space. The workbench is an item that can commonly be found in most garages throughout America. The reason for their near standardization is that they offer many versatile storage options and provide plenty of counter space for your tools, knick-knacks, and other belongings. They can be optionally fitted with custom cabinetry for even more space. The Fusion Track Wall system that can go with the workbench is great for storing items off the ground to give you more floor space. It even supports larger items with heavy-duty brackets. Some other accessories that can be found with our garage storage solutions are baskets that can utilize sliding mechanisms for easier access, hooks for the Track Wall System, and a selection of finishes for customization.

The benefit of having a fully organized garage space is that it provides you with extra usable space that can suit a variety of purposes. Whether it’s used for entertaining friends, a craft room, game room, or simply parking your cars, you will now have the space for it without feeling chaotic and cluttered. At USA Bath in Reno, our storage solutions are just the thing to help get your home more organized so you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that all is in its place. To experience the benefits of having more usable space in your garage, contact us today for a free consultation.

If you are constantly searching for an article of clothing or maybe a much-needed accessory, it’s time you made a change to your closet. At USA Bath in Reno, we can help rid you of a life that’s filled with disorganization, wrinkled clothes, and cluttered space. Our partnership with California Closets® has given us the tools and expertise necessary to upgrade any closet space to meet the needs of homeowners everywhere. We have several options available for different areas in your home to help increase the storage space. Some of the areas we can improve include bedrooms, entryways, offices, media centers, and many others. Though each area may require different means by which to maximize the storage space and efficiency, all go through the same initial process.

Closet Remodel Process:

  • Consultation: The first step with any remodel process is the initial consultation during which an expert design consultant will come to your home. The consultation consists of itemizing your belongings to help us determine what your spatial needs are, and to discuss any design ideas you may have in mind.
  • Virtual Model and Collaboration: After we determine the needs and desires that you want for your new storage space, we will implement them into a virtual 3-D model. This model serves as a visual representation so you can better visualize how it will actually look. It also gives us a chance to make any changes you may want before proceeding to the next stage.
  • Customized Craftsmanship: This stage is less involving for the homeowner and focuses on the manufacturing of your new storage space’s components. Its custom design specs are sent to one of our manufacturing centers and from there they craft the necessary components to meet the highest of standards.
  • Installation: Once the closet components are manufactured, we will come into your home at a time that is agreeable to you and begin the installation process. The initial stage of the installation is to set up measures that will protect your walls and floors. We perform the installation with the utmost professionalism and treat your home with the respect it deserves.

For a more in-depth explanation of our closet remodeling process, contact us today for a free consultation and estimate. At USA Bath in Reno, we also offer premier bathroom remodeling services to make your home more beautiful and functional.



There is absolutely no reason to be dissatisfied with your bathroom’s appearance anymore. If you are living with a dated and tired looking bathroom, we here at USA Bath in Reno have your affordable and convenient solution. Typically, doing any type of bathroom remodel is viewed to be terribly inconvenient and very difficult to afford. However, thanks to our high-quality and streamlined bathroom remodel, you need not dread the process.

We have worked extremely hard to make our remodeling process as quick and convenient as possible. As soon as you give us a call we will come out and take a look at your bathroom. Within minutes, our talented designers and contractors will present you with their plan. We won’t suggest that your bathroom needs to be completely redone, rather we will recommend updating only what need it.

We also fully understand that no one can live without their bathroom for weeks on end. With us here at USA Bath in Reno, you don’t have to because we can remodel your bathroom in as little as 1-2 days. Our professional installers make it a point to perform quick and efficient work so you can have your bathroom back in a timely manner. Best of all, the bathroom you get back will be far more pleasurable to see than it was before the update.

Here at USA Bath in Reno, we make sure to only use the very best products and materials to give you the best bathing experience possible. Plus, we believe that our installers are among the very best in the industry. If you are sick and tired of living with an unappealing bathroom, we can solve your problem affordably and conveniently. For the highest quality products, the very best installers, affordable services, it doesn’t get any better than us here at USA Bath in Reno

2017 is YOUR Year to Get Organized Once and For All

The New Year is always full of resolutions, unfortunately, a large amount of these resolutions don’t last a month! Make 2017 the year for your resolutions to stick. While we here at USA Bath in Reno can’t help you with your resolution to lose twenty pounds, we can help you get organized. If you haven’t... read more »

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