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Resuming Operations May 18th

On behalf of the entire team at USA Bath, we’d like to thank you for your support, patience and understanding during the last two months.

We made the decision to suspend operations in late March in order to help slow the spread of coronavirus and most importantly, to protect the health of our employees and our customers. We sincerely hope that you and your family remain in good health, and we are delighted to note that thus far (with fingers remaining firmly crossed), our team has avoided covid-19.

Now, I’m happy to say we are starting to gear up for a resumption of business activities. I cannot say “normal” business activities, because it is obvious all businesses will have to change their definition of normal, and we are no exception. Our guiding principles on the timing to start up again have been:

  • Adhering to the guidelines issued by the state and local governments regarding business activity and stay-at-home orders, and
  • Following the recommended protocols continuing to provide for the safety of our employees and customers while resuming business activity

Our new “normal” will entail:

  • Virtual design consultations
  • Face coverings for employees
  • Appointment-based access to showrooms
  • Requiring that our installers be allowed to do their work with no-one else in the room
  • Increased cleaning and sanitation in the office and warehouse
  • Redesigning office layouts to allow social distancing per guidelines
  • Redesigning work so employees can work from home

We have actually proceeded a bit slower than some companies on starting up again. Construction has been deemed permissible by the state for the last several weeks, but we decided to wait until there were modifications to the stay-at-home orders. Frankly, we did not want to be the test case on reopening.

Based on the latest information, we are planning to reopen on Monday, May 18th.

If you are interested in moving forward on your bathroom remodel, we encourage you to get the process moving sooner rather than later. We are seeing a great deal of pent up demand as we have all spent almost every waking moment of the last two months in our homes and have seen daily reminders of those elements we really need to update or redesign!

If you would like to discuss your project, please contact us using the form below or by calling us at (775) 857-4450 so we can schedule a free consultation appointment for you and help you design the new bathroom that will match your needs for years to come!

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