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Client Testimonial By Mrs. T

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What She Wanted

Mrs. T is 89 years old and her husband passed away recently. She had concerns over her bathrooms that had old tile that was cracked and hard to clean because of the failing grout. Mrs. Thompson wanted easy to clean shower walls in place of her old tile walls.


How USA Bath Did It

USA Bath replaced Mrs. T’s old tile walls with new acrylic walls that are easy to clean. The New Wall Surround has a smooth modern color with a raised valve and shower head and heavy duty grab bars for safety along with a non-slip shower pan. The thermal expansion waterproof seal at the wall is a no grout seal which will last forever.

And, Mrs. T’s old countertops were replaced with granite that she was able to pick out to match her décor featuring Wolverine brushed nickel faucets.

Before / After

Final Result

Mrs. T received acrylic walls that are very easy to clean and that provided her with easier access and better safety.  Sometimes even with all our preparation and quality control an issue comes up. In this case, when one of the new countertops arrived with a scratch, USA Bath replaced it with a new one without hesitation. Mrs. T was so happy with the new bathrooms, the countertops, and the great customer service that she said “I just can’t stop thanking USA Bath enough.”

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