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Bathroom Remodeling & Installation in Sacramento

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address: 2500 Del Monte Street, #100 West Sacramento, CA 95691

license: USA Bath® California Remodeling License #: 984796

Sacramento Bathroom Remodeling Company

Usually, a bathroom remodel project begins with a realization:

  • Your bathroom is unsafe
  • Your bathroom is difficult to navigate or manage
  • Your bathroom looks like a museum piece about 1970’s design aesthetics

But knowing that something needs to be updated and updating it can be two completely different things. For the best bathroom remodeling in Sacramento, check out USA Bath. Our team of expert designers and bathroom remodeling contractors can help eliminate your bathroom’s problem areas.

What Exactly Is Involved In Bathroom Renovation?

We follow a nine-step process that ends with you having the best bathroom for your needs and budget. Once you’ve realized the issues you have with your bathroom and reach out to us, we’ll get to work:

  • We identify the core problems you face with your bathroom and evaluate the potential options for resolving them.
  • We provide a contract for the detailed work we’ve agreed upon.
  • We order custom materials
  • We install the new material
  • We follow up with you to make sure the finished job meets your satisfaction, as well as answer any lingering questions

Why Should I Consider Bathroom Renovation In Sacramento?

A remodeled bathroom comes with several benefits. First, you’ll have a bathroom that better suits your needs and design aesthetic. Beyond that, though, a renovated bathroom can increase the value of your home, meaning extra dough in your pocket should you sell your home.

While many homes are designed for their curb appeal, a well-designed bathroom can leave a long-lasting impression that far outweighs any external appearance. We’ve all been in homes that look beautiful on the outside but disappoint once you step into the dark, dingy bathroom that feels more like a closet with some added plumbing than a usable bathroom.

Modernizing Your Bath With Sacramento Bath Renovations

You don’t have to redo your bathroom to resemble the modernist works at the Crocker Art Museum to experience a perfectly updated design. Sometimes it only takes a few touches to turn a decades-old bathroom into a modern masterpiece.

A new toilet or shower can breathe new life into the room with the modern touches one expects. New flooring or tiling can bring a bathroom into the current century while also making the space easier to clean. Organizational pieces can also help keep the bathroom looking sharp by creating space to store the day-to-day personal effects that once populated the crowded sink counter.

What Happens During A Bathroom Renovation?

Here at USA Bath ® , we have a simple philosophy. Offer high quality products and reasonable prices, with professional installation, and top-notch customer service. We want to discuss with you the problems you have with your bathroom then work to uncover the core issues causing them. This means we work to fix problems instead of simply trying to wow you with shiny designs that still leave your concerns unaddressed.

We’ll discuss whether you need expanded space, new fixtures, or a complete redesign. We work with your budget and supply a specific contract, not a quote, so you know exactly what you’re paying and what you’re paying for. We’ll answer all your questions along the way and follow up afterward to ensure we’ve met and hopefully exceeded your expectations.

Can I Still Have My Bathroom Renovated Even If I Have A Small Space?

A small bathroom can make you feel like the size of the starting power forward of the Kings standing in a damp closet. We know the tricks of the trade to help make the room feel bigger, from slim pedestal sinks to increased natural light. If you need more space, our design experts can also help determine how big of a space you need and how we can increase the bathroom’s footprint without too much impact on the spaces surrounding your bathroom.

We can also help make small spaces more accessible for those with specific needs. This can increase your comfort and reduce potential areas of concern within the bathroom.

Contact Us Today!

Contact USA Bath today for your free consultation. We are available by email, online chat, text, or by calling (877) 422-9550. Our offices and warehouse are also conveniently found in West Sacramento, just west of River City Grill.


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