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Bathroom Style Options

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Having the right lighting transforms a bathroom from dull and drab, to beautiful and vibrant – and more functional!  We will help you evaluate the right lighting for your new bathroom – from ceiling based “can” style to wall based “sconce”  lights in a range of colors and designs – including LED options.

Ventilation Fans

Most cities have ventilation requirements, and we always recommend ensuring sufficient ventilation as moisture and humidity are the root causes of the risk of mold developing or other damage to your home.  We will help you choose the right ventilation options for your bathroom – including options to add light and/or in-room heating.

Mirrors/Medicine Cabinets

We can help you select color coordinated mirrors to match your new vanity – including medicine cabinet options for additional storage.


Painting comes last – after all the construction is completed.  There are many options for paint. We can help you choose the best paint for long term value.


There are several other items that can be part of a full bathroom remodeling project, including:

• Relocating drains,
• Relocating sink plumbing,
• Relocating toilet plumbing,
• Replacing/Patching drywall,
• Replacing doors,
• Adding a pocket/sliding door,
• Adding/upgrading electrical,
• Adding smoke/CO2 detectors,
• Adding automatic light sensors…