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10 Modern Shower Ideas For Your Next Bathroom in Reno

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Modern Shower

It would be a vast understatement to say we’ve all had a difficult time of it in the past year or so. With more people at home for everything, including school and work, it’s only natural to notice the things you’ve put off. All this time at home has also made homeowners think about ways to make it as nice as possible while incorporating more functionality, modern features, and energy efficiency to improve their enjoyment of the home and significantly increase its resale value. It’s time to find ideas for your next bathroom in Reno.

You know you want something fresh and different, but what does that mean? It can feel overwhelming to try and pin down exactly what you want without having some idea of what choices you have. What you need is something to spark your creativity and imagination so that you can start to envision your perfect bathroom. Let USA Bath inspire you with these stunning shower ideas.

Metal Frame Surrounds

Black metal framed panes of glass create a modern, unique surround for your new shower. It sets the shower apart while allowing the light to pass through. The frames provide visual interest so that your shower becomes a beautiful feature in the bathroom instead of just a necessity tucked away in an alcove. You can also choose the effect with either thick or thin frames for the glass.

Floor to Ceiling Quartz

For an uninterrupted, sleek aesthetic, homeowners in Reno are choosing one material for the floors and walls. Picture a stunning book-matched marble-look quartz that creates a continuous, unbroken sightline. This cohesive look can be taken a step further by continuing the same material across your shower ceiling, as well. 

Vintage Bathroom Fixtures

No matter if you want a more retro vibe or you want a more approachable modern bath, using some vintage or vintage-look fixtures can warm the room. Vintage style can be anything from a cottage aesthetic to nostalgic luxury. Think antiqued brass or patinaed faucets, retro sconces to set off the shower entry, vintage furnishings, or antique framed mirrors. Don’t be afraid to mix metals or finishes for a truly unique effect.

Rain Shower Heads

Rain shower heads are still a much-desired feature in new showers, and they can range from a basic fixture that can be turned on or off to a more advanced one that can be adjusted by voice, digital display, or handle. Imagine your own personal zen-like experience with the soothing sound and feel of soft rain in the summer. You can also combine rain showers with traditional fixtures for times when you don’t want to get your hair wet. It’s always a good idea to have options!

Expansive Showers for Two

While sharing a shower sounds romantic, the logistics can leave one of you shivering in the cold. The solution? An expanded shower with dual fixtures and plenty of room to move around. It’s also a great idea for busy couples who don’t have time to wait their turn in the morning. 

Feature Bathroom Wall

The idea of a monochromatic bathroom in bright white, creamy off-white, or even a pale gray sounds like it could be a very soothing spa-like experience. Sometimes, though, you need something to brighten it up so it doesn’t look too plain or clinical. Try adding some shower-friendly art in the form of a feature wall. You can choose anything from a small pop of interesting placement, color combinations, or textures to an entire floor-to-ceiling wash of color. 

Shower Rooms

What if you knew you never had to worry about cleaning watermarks or soap residue off your shower surround again? It can be your reality if you simply eliminate the walls and have a shower that is completely open to the rest of your bathroom. No more walls mean no more wasted space. You have room to move that isn’t sectioned off when you aren’t using the shower. 

Natural Elements

With all the hard materials in bathrooms, such as natural stone and quartz, it can come off as cold or sterile without the right design. To warm up the space and provide a grounding element, many homeowners are incorporating wood into their bathrooms. Think teak benches, natural wood framed mirrors, wooden towel holders, or waterproof wood shower floors.  

Walk Through Showers

A unique and visually arresting bathroom is one with a walk-through shower. It can provide an almost uninterrupted sightline through the room, allowing light everywhere, or it can be a separate part of the room. If you share your bathroom with a significant other, you’ll never have to squeeze by each other when you can enter from one side while your partner exits through the other. 

High-Tech Bathroom Features

By incorporating high-tech features in your shower, you can make it an immersive experience for all the senses, incorporate sustainability, and customize the water flow and temperature by voice command. You can even control light functions. Do you love to sing in the shower or catch up on the morning news while you get ready for your day? If so, you may want to incorporate Bluetooth-enabled speakers or televisions into your new shower. 

Get the Shower of Your Dreams With USA Bath

When you are ready to design your next bathroom in Reno, talk to the experienced team at USA Bath. Whether you have problems in your existing bath or you simply want a new, more updated, and functional design, our team is here to offer solutions. We provide a free consultation to discuss your issues and come up with a design that not only provides a solution to the problem but adds value to your home while adding more functionality. Some of the things we’ll determine in this in-home consultation include:

  • The reason for the problems – Are there leaks or inadequate water pressure?
  • The layout – Is your shower cramped, dark, or do you need to upgrade the entry and fixtures for aging in place?
  • The material – Do you have dated colors or do you want to incorporate different, easier-to-maintain materials in your new shower?
  • The tradeoffs between functionality and budget – While you could control your water temperature and pressure with voice activation or digital display, does your budget allow for it?
  • The ideal solution – After taking your needs, wants, style, and budget into consideration, what is the best combination for your perfect shower design?

Our team of master craftspeople takes the time to understand your needs and give you the information you need to make informed decisions. We understand it is a big commitment in time and money for homeowners, so we do our best to provide the most cost-effective options with a timeline that works for each family. To get started on resolving your most pressing issues, designing the bathroom of your dreams, or learning about the latest innovations in baths and showers, contact us today.