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3 Benefits of a Walk-In Tub

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Bath-time has come a long way.

Can you imagine the bath times of old – trying to soak in a tiny washtub that you had to carry from place to place and that would only accommodate an arm or a leg at a time, definitely not both? And that doesn’t even include the annoyance and frustration of having to heat water on a stovetop in order to take a bath that wasn’t frigidly cold and miserable.

Yes, bath-time has definitely come a long way, and today there are even more ways today to accommodate your bath needs, including one of our favorites – the walk-in tub.

Walk-in tubs make it easy for people at any age and stage in life to enjoy the health benefits of bathing with a minimal amount of effort and strain. We’ve put together some of the top benefits of a walk-in tub, in case you’re considering an upgrade.

1.  Retain Independence Longer.

Taking a bath is a vulnerable time for anyone of any age, being unclothed and relaxed rather than on your guard. However, it can be an especially difficult and challenging ritual if you need physical assistance as part of the process.

If you have a person in your family who needs assistance and support in the bathroom, they may feel afraid or embarrassed to ask for aid. This hesitancy may lead to less frequent bathing opportunities, which can bring their own set of health problems, including sores and infections.

Or, even more frightening, they may continue to try to navigate the bath or shower on their own, leading to injuries that can take away their independence and force them into a care facility before they’re ready.

More falls occur in the bathroom than in any other area of the home, and there are more than 3 million falling incidents that require treatment each year.

2.  Soak In (Literally) The Benefits of Hydrotherapy.

Taking a bath isn’t just about routine cleanliness. Bathing can also be an enjoyable, relaxing experience with many health benefits.

Soaking in a bath can be a restorative form of pain relief (there’s a reason that many hospitals provide tubs for expecting moms to use during the labor process!).

For a person with many aches and pains, the higher water level in a walk-in tub means a more full-body experience can be enjoyed. And, many walk-in tubs also include massage jets to target some of those aching areas and provide a more enjoyable experience.

Soaking in a bath can also assist with stress hormone reduction, mood elevation and restoration, can soothe itchy or dry skin, and has even been shown to have positive effects on heart function and respiration.

3.  Upgrade Your Experience Without Upsizing Your Expense.

You may be concerned about the budgetary impact of making upgrades to your bathroom. However, adding a walk-in tub can be a surprisingly affordable change, especially when compared with alternative projects or decisions.

Different options for upgrading a bathroom may include adding accessible rails or handholds for a shower or replacing flooring with non-slip options in order to reduce the likelihood of falls. However, these updates can be expensive and may still not do away with the potential for slips and falls that can occur when stepping over uneven surfaces to access a shower or a tub with a high side wall.

In comparison, the walk-in tub can be easier to access and only requires a one-time change. You won’t have to continue to upgrade and update your bathing situation as needs change, because it’s optimally accessible for those who need to bathe but may have physical issues that limit their ability to access a traditional tub or shower.

In our opinion, the best benefit of a walk-in tub is that it can be used for anyone. You don’t have to be in your senior years to enjoy it; in fact, the deep soak and massaging options make walk-in tubs a wonderful option for people who are active and athletically inclined as well.

However, the walk-in tub certainly does make it easier for those who need a little extra assistance to safely enjoy the benefits and convenience that taking a bath provides. If you’re wondering whether a walk-in tub might be right for you, our specialists can meet with you to provide a free consultation. They’ll take a look at your home and bath spaces, then determine which product could best fit your needs and situation. Contact USA Bath today and let us help you take full advantage of the physical and mental health benefits of bathing.