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4 Things That Every Kid-Friendly Bathroom Should Have

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Keep your children’s needs in mind when you design your bathroom.


For many children, using the bathroom can be an ordeal. Most bathrooms are designed with adults in mind, making it awkward for small children to use sinks, toilets and tubs that were designed for tall bodies and long arms. Improving accessibility and giving children opportunities to personalize their spaces are just some of the bathroom ideas you can use to create a child-friendly bathroom.

  1. Stepping Stools

Young children often struggle to reach sinks and other bathroom fixtures on their own, causing them to grow frustrated with washing. Holding children while they wash can help them reach the sink, but it’s often uncomfortable for both you and your child. To make things easier for children, equip sinks and vanities with child-friendly stepping stools. If your vanity has drawers in front of the sink, you can build a wooden insert to act as a retractable footstool. For an added bit of fun, paint the step stools in bright, vibrant colors.

  1. Child-friendly Storage Spaces

Most bathrooms need to store a variety of different materials and cleaners, and not all of those items are child-safe. Medicines and bathroom cleaners, for example, need to be kept out of the reach of children. On the other hand, children need to have ready access to their toothpaste, soap and shampoo. Incorporate a number of different storage options so that you can store hazardous materials out of the reach of children while keeping essentials within reach. You can repurpose toy chests and short tables to give your children accessible places to store their items, and install wall-mounted cabinets out of reach of short arms to store more dangerous materials. Additionally, use cabinet locks to keep these materials out of the hands of children.

  1. Personalization

Children love having their own spaces and their own things, and you can carry that into the bathroom to make it an inviting place. If you have the space for it, consider giving your child his or her own cabinet and vanity that she can decorate as she likes. Even if you can’t spare that much room, you can still give your child an individualized space to store knick-knacks and essentials, such as her toothbrush or bath toys.

  1. Safety and Accessibility

Many bathrooms aren’t sized for child bodies, and this can create a dangerous situation for younger children. In addition to stepping stools, consider adding a faucet extender to your sink so that children don’t have to stretch and potentially slip while using the sink. Non-slip acrylic tiles and shower basins can help children maintain good footing. As an added bonus, acrylic floors are easier than traditional ceramic to clean and maintain, as acrylic is impervious to mold, mildew, and bacteria.

Child-friendly bathroom ideas can make your bathroom more inviting for your children. If you’d like to do a more substantial remodel to make your children love their bathroom, consider calling us at USA Bath. We bring years of experience with bathroom restorations and remodels, and our experts can help bring your perfect bathroom into reality.