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4 Reasons to Replace Rather Than Refinish Your Bathtub

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Refinishing Improves Cracks and Peeling, but Can’t Change the Bathtub Itself!

You can improve your bathroom’s decor and color scheme, but it won’t help the overall appearance if your tub still looks outdated or stained. Some people choose to refinish or to reglaze their tubs while others prefer to replace them altogether. However, it can often cost about the same amount of money to refinish a tub as it does to replace it. If you’re thinking about refinishing your bathtub, we have a few reasons why you should consider the alternative. Here are four reasons to replace your bathtub.

  1. Replace it if you want something new.

Refinishing simply covers your existing tub with a fresh glaze. The installer cleans the tub, sands it down and glazes it to prevent chipping and peeling over time. However, no matter how new it looks, it’s still the same tub.

  1. Replace it if you’re ready for a remodel.

Most homeowners replace their existing bathroom fixtures during a remodeling project. Leaving in old sinks and tubs does nothing to update a bathroom’s appearance. If you’re remodeling, you’ll want a tub that matches the intended style, such as modern or traditional. If you have an outdated tub and plan a contemporary remodel, it will disrupt the entire look.

  1. Replace it when it’s chipped or stained beyond repair.

Reglazing is an option when you want to keep your tub but need to cover the chips and other damages. However, there’s no guarantee that the new glaze won’t chip in the same way. Sometimes stains penetrate far below the surface and are nearly impossible to remove. With a new tub, you don’t have to worry about stains resurfacing or glaze that could peel away due to poor application.

  1. Replace it when it doesn’t meet your needs.

Maybe your tub isn’t as deep as you’d like it to be. Perhaps you’d rather have a modern shower or a new walk-in tub. When your old tub doesn’t satisfy your wants and needs, it’s time for a replacement. Refinishing the tub will only cover up old stains, chips and peels. It won’t give you any new features that would increase your quality of life.

Replacing Your Tub is the Better Choice
Looking to remodel your bathroom or to install a new tub? Contact us directly to learn more about our remodeling and installation services. Replacing your tub with a new model will do so much for you and your bathroom. It will refresh the room’s appearance while providing you with new features and comfort to meet your needs. Visit our showroom to see the bathtub options available to you today!