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4 Tips for Surviving Your Bathroom Remodel

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Surviving a bathroom remodel is challenging, but the results will make the effort worth it.

If you’re planning to remodel your home’s only bathroom, you’re probably anxious about managing the necessities of life during the remodel. You might also feel stressed about the strain of the renovation on your wallet. Surviving a bathroom makeover requires patience and a few life-saving tips, such as remodeling in small pieces.

Remodel in Sections
If you decide to completely renovate your bathroom from the ground up, you may have to live in a hotel room until it’s done. Instead, breaking the renovations into smaller sections can help you still live in your home while getting the work done. Avoid having all of the plumbing work done at once; if you have a functional shower and toilet, you can simply wash your hands at the kitchen sink for a few days. Breaking up the renovation into smaller pieces can also help your budget; you won’t need to pay a large sum upfront. Instead, you can wait to buy that fancy new showerhead when you have the money to complete the project.

Schedule Work Around Your Family’s Needs
Planning your bathroom remodel around your family’s schedule can help you avoid the inconvenience of not having a bathroom. During the week, while the family is at school or work, a plumber can work on the plumbing portion of your bathroom remodel. On the weekends, you can have a painter complete the walls while you and your family run errands.

Take a Trip
If your family’s schedule just won’t work around a bathroom renovation, consider taking a short vacation so that the work can be completed without any interruption or inconvenience. If you’re worried about your financial health in the middle of an on-going and potentially expensive renovation, stay with friends or family members during the project. Getting out of the house will help reduce your anxiety about the project and build your excitement for coming home to your new bathroom.

Recycle Portions of Your Old Bathroom
Unless your bathroom is a dated nightmare from a distant decade best left forgotten, you may be able to salvage some pieces to use in the new bathroom. For example, reframing your mirror can give it a new look. If your cabinets are in good shape, new hardware and a splash of fresh paint can dramatically transform them. Saving money on some areas of your bathroom gives you more money to splurge on other areas, such as the shower or bathtub.

Surviving a bathroom makeover may try your patience and raise your stress levels. For help making the process smoother on you and your family, contact USA Bath today. We offer a wide range of bathroom design services for homeowners in Sacramento California and Reno Nevada.