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7 Ways To Create A Luxury Bathroom The Whole Family Will Love

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The most peaceful area in your home isn’t the bedroom – it’s the bathroom. It’s where you unwind in a bubble bath or wash the day’s stresses away in a hot shower. You can lock the door and escape from your children for a while. It’s a little time to yourself in your own home.

But what if your bathroom doesn’t look very relaxing?

Colors and finishes can make or break the luxurious bathroom experience, especially if you have an outdated tub from the 70s or several cracks and stains in the linoleum.

What if you could turn your current bathroom into something more lavish and luxurious without spending a fortune? USA Bath is here with some information on renovations and how to create a stylish bathroom that’s not only relaxing but also functional.

Remodel or Renovate Your Bathroom?

Remodeling and renovating are similar enough that people use the terms interchangeably. However, to renovate something means to bring it back to a good condition. If you remodel something, you’re changing the structure completely.

Most people choose to remodel their bathrooms if they don’t have enough space or the layout doesn’t meet their needs. It can cost more to remodel a bathroom, but the results are often better than you would achieve with a minor renovation.

Is your bathroom in a state of disrepair and in major need of a remodel, or does it only need a few changes to make it look a certain way?

If you only want to change the style, renovating is good enough and easily achievable with new fixtures, colors and materials. You’ll save money with a renovation and won’t have to work too hard to get a beautiful result.

7 Ways to Create a Luxurious Bathroom

Install some wall and floor tiles.

New floor tiles can transform your bathroom immediately, giving it an upscale look and feel. If the floor has linoleum or old tile, consider updating it with new decorative tiles. Maybe you have hardwood flooring and don’t want to replace it with tiles. How about installing tiles on the wall? Wall tiles, especially near the vanity and the shower area, can turn a boring bathroom into something more luxurious. Better yet, they’re easy to clean and to maintain over time.

Use trim to give it a decorative look.

You know how the trim in your living and dining rooms makes each area more decorative? Why not bring the trim to the bathroom? Most bathrooms have simple baseboards with no additional crown molding or chair railing. Having crown molding in a bathroom creates an intimate space while chair railing splits the walls in half, giving you an opportunity to tile the bottom half and to apply a new paint color to the top.

Update all the pulls and knobs.

Old knobs and pulls can make your bathroom look outdated. However, if you’re going for a retro look, update your vanity with vintage-inspired pulls and knobs. If you’re after a modern aesthetic, try stainless steel and brushed metal. Even doing something as simple as replacing the showerhead with a new model can make your bathroom look completely different while giving you a better experience as you bathe.

Change the layout.

Sometimes changing the whole layout is the only way to create a more luxurious and functional bathroom. Maybe your bathroom has enough space but everything is laid out the wrong way. Rearranging the layout can drastically change the way that your bathroom looks and how you use it. Whether it’s moving the toilet to accommodate a larger bathtub or installing his and her sinks, a remodel might be the most practical way to get what you want.

Add sconces.

Lighting is what sets the mood in most any situation or room. Need to relax for a while? Light some candles. Have a romantic evening planned? Dim the lights. A luxurious bathroom starts with good lighting with sconces on the walls. With the right lighting, you can set the mood in the bathroom for a soak or when you need the maximum light for shaving.

Bring in comfortable seating.

The toilet isn’t the only thing that you can sit on in a bathroom. If your bathroom has the space, why not bring in extra seating? Adding a stool or a lounger will not only make your bathroom look more upscale but also more comfortable. A comfy storage ottoman is also a good seating option, giving you a place to sit down as well as to store bathroom items. With bathroom seating, you can have a cozy area for moisturizing your legs, working on your nails or enjoying some peace and quiet.

Install a new vanity.

A new vanity will instantly change how your bathroom looks. Whether it’s modern or vintage, a vanity can turn your bathroom into a brand new space complete with drop-in sinks and new fixtures. If you hate sharing the sink with your kids or partner, install two vanities instead of one. You can place them on opposite walls and never have to look at your partner’s messy area.

Get the Bathroom of Your Dreams With USA Bath

Don’t like how your bathroom looks right now? Let USA Bath step in and create a “wow” moment. Whether you want a complete remodel or a simple renovation, we can help you make the right decision and deliver a bathroom that meets your needs and budget.

Contact us today to learn about our full bathroom remodeling services and products. We carry the most popular brand name products and have professionals who know how to install them with care. We’ll help you save money on your new bathroom and give you something that your entire family will love.