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Bath Remodel Ideas for Small Bathrooms

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Remodeling any room can be challenging, but renovating a minuscule bathroom can feel impossible. You may feel that your only options are to change out the mirrors or get a new bathtub that’s basically the same as the old one. Thankfully, several tips and tricks can help you change a small bathroom into a tiny oasis of calm and luxury. Look through our tips below, read our testimonials from previous customers in the Sacramento and Reno areas, and get in touch when you’re ready to schedule your free consultation!

Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas for a More Spacious Feel

Resist giving in to the latest design trend when redesigning a small bathroom — any decor with dark walls, lots of clutter, and oversize vanities with poufs and chairs won’t do in this situation. Go for a more minimalistic feel, play up the light (both natural and artificial), and use mirrors to your advantage.

1. Plan for Minimalism
With a large bathroom, you have the luxury of including a few extra pieces that may or may not be necessary for the bathroom’s function within your design plan. With a small bathroom, you don’t. Plan for only the essentials such as the vanity and mirror, bathtub or shower, and the toilet. Less clutter will make the room look more spacious.

2. Add Mirrors
Mirrors do many things for a small bathroom besides providing a place for you to get ready or fix your hair in the mornings. The right mirror will create the illusion that the bathroom is larger than it is. Mirrors also reflect light, which can make the room look bigger and brighter. Don’t jump at the largest mirror you find — before you pick a mirror for this small space, consider other factors that may play into the decision. Will you have one or two sinks in this bathroom? Do you want a framed mirror or a simple unframed mirror?

3. Bring In Natural Light
Using natural light to create a sense of airy spaciousness is a good option for those with an existing window — or those who can afford to install one. If you have an existing window, you may opt to enlarge it, cover it with sheer curtains, or perhaps install a second window to bring in more light. Don’t worry about privacy: Consider covering your window with cellophane shades that will filter the light in but not allow anyone outside to see in.

4. Add Artificial Light
This may go without saying, but adding light of any kind will illuminate dark corners and create a feeling of a bigger room without you having to knock down walls or expand the space. Peruse light fixtures in stores or online and make a list of your favorite kinds. Will you choose the minimalistic, naked-bulb look that’s popular in many modern farmhouse designs? Or, maybe you enjoy chandelier lights in bathrooms. Adding lights over any mirrors you install, a light in the shower or over the bathtub, and installing additional lights in the central area of the bathroom can go a long way to making the room feel bigger.

5. Use Pale Colors That Reflect Light
When designing a space that you want to look bigger, consider reading up on color theory. In general, light colors with the least amount of black reflect light, while dark colors absorb it. It won’t matter if you cut a window in your wall or install a new mirror if you paint the room a dark, moody color — the darkness will absorb the light let in, and the room, as a result, may look smaller than you wanted it to. If you like dark colors, use them as high-contrast accents in wall art, and perhaps in the metalwork on your faucets and light fixtures.

Small Bathroom Remodel Options

During your remodel, you may run into roadblocks, such as the lack of windows, safety issues, and even budget concerns. Remodeling any room in your home is a complicated process that can take weeks to months — and for unfortunate homeowners, even years to complete. Partnering with a bathroom remodeling company like USA Bath can provide you access to many options for bathroom design and installation. We offer a free consultation to determine what you want, what you need, and what your budget will allow, and we can work with a wide range of budgets and design a safe, beautiful bathroom space that will appear to enlarge a smaller room.

Small Bathroom Design Tips

Before you remodel your small bathroom or consider a bath remodeling service, it’s important to ensure that the basics are in place. Does your home have a good, solid foundation to work with? Do you know your main concerns or trouble spots in your bathroom right now? Make a list of what you want to discuss with your design team or contractor before you start. Use the following tips for ideas.

  • Make sure you’re working with good bones: It’ll be impossible to pull off a remodel if you don’t have the right structure. Ensure that your home is structurally sound with no holes in the drywall, water damage, or other foundational issues that could get in the way of a remodel.
  • Find the right contractor or design service: Finding a great contractor who you can trust is a more involved process than locating a person who claims to install walk-in bathtubs. It’s important to have a relationship of trust and good communication before turning over your little bathroom to them.
  • Focus on comfort as well as safety: Creating a safe bathroom that minimizes the risk of slips and falls is, of course, of paramount importance — but it isn’t the only factor that goes into creating your dream bathroom. Bathrooms are our safe havens; they are the spaces where we go to be alone and relax. Remember this fact when designing your small bathroom.
  • Prioritize accessibility: If anyone using this bathroom has a disability or cannot move around smoothly, consider adding accessiblity features such as handrails, non-slip flooring, and a walk-in bathtub. Additionally, you may want to consider your own future needs. Even if you are young and healthy, there is always a chance that you will suffer an injury that makes it difficult to stay safe in the bathroom. You may also stay in your home until you are elderly. Consider adding a non-slip floor in the shower and a handrail next to the toilet.

Get In Touch for Bath Remodeling in Sacramento, CA, and Reno, NV

Bathroom remodeling can be exciting, but it is often too complicated and time-consuming for a homeowner to design and complete alone. Get in touch with USA Bath in the Sacramento and Reno areas to find a partner for your remodel who can help you design the room, provide aesthetic suggestions, and install major fixtures, mirrors, lights, and more! We look forward to helping you transform your small, cramped bathroom into the room of your dreams.

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