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Design Bathrooms for Seniors

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Senior couple brushing their teeth and smiling in a brand new renovated bathroom

Did you know? The bathroom is the first and last place that 97% of people step into at the beginning and end of the day. More to that, studies show that where you start and end your day has a great impact on your general health and wellbeing. 

Specifically, for our mental health, it’s recommended that we spend some quality time alone in a space that is safe and comfortable. And the bathroom is where we all do our self-care routines first thing in the morning and last thing before turning in.

That said, the bathroom space is a sanctuary in every home. 

And USA Bath is your excellent partner for bathroom remodeling designs that create a safe, comfortable, and independent space that your aging parents or friends will enjoy. Isn’t that the best gift we can give to our aging folks?

Let’s explore some of the bathroom designs for seniors that you are guaranteed from USA Bath.

Designing Safe and Accessible Bathrooms for Seniors

Ample Space – Dimensions

USA Bath bathrooms are designed with ample space to fit the lifestyle of an aged person in every aspect.

For instance, for an elderly person using a wheelchair, the bathrooms come with:

  • Wide doors (at least 34inches) that can fit a wheelchair. 
  • A 5-foot indoor radius such that the wheelchair can turn or spin. That way, the elderly person can do everything inside the bathroom independently. 
  • Sliding doors with levers as opposed to traditional doors with doorknobs because they are easier to open and close.
  • A 27-inch allowance under the sink allows you to sit comfortably in your wheelchair and do your morning or evening routine.
  • Mirrors that hang low and at an angle so that you can see yourself while seated.

Walk-in Tub

To cool off and relax after a long day of activities, most aged seniors love an evening bath.

The bathroom remodeling contractors at USA Bath install walk-in tubs that are more user-friendly. You can easily step into the tub when it’s dry, then take a bath and drain it before stepping out. 

Walk-in tubs reduce the risk of slipping and falling because you don’t have to climb over the edge of the tub to get in and out. Additionally, for ease of access, tub controls are installed near the edge.

Zero-Threshold Shower

For those who prefer a shower over a tub, USA Bath bathroom remodeling designs come with huge zero-threshold showers that are at least 5 feet wide by 3 feet deep. They have no curb, and that allows a wheelchair or walker to easily slide into the shower. 

The non-slip floors are sloppy yet textured to allow water to drain easily – hence, this type of shower doesn’t always need a door.

But you might wonder, doesn’t it get steamy and wet around the bathroom?

Well, to solve that, USA Bath bathroom remodeling design contractors can install trench drains around the shower perimeter to keep water inside the shower area. 

Finally, for extra comfort, you can opt for a built-in seat.

Grab Bars

Even with non-slip floors, sometimes falls can happen in the shower due to old age. Therefore, USA Bath bathroom remodeling designs come with grab bars to help senior citizens move safely in the bathroom. 

The bars are strategically installed:

  • On the wall next to the toilet.
  • On the tub’s sidewall so that you can support yourself when standing or seated.
  • Along the shower walls.


To avoid hurting the knees or hips from squatting too much, the toilets are raised about 17 inches off the floor.

In addition, there are a bidet and support bars next to the toilet so that senior citizens can use the bathroom independently whenever they need to.

Accessible Bathroom Design for Seniors in Sacramento and Reno

Are you looking to remodel a bathroom for your elderly parents or friends in the Sacramento and Reno areas? 

Contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our agents today. We offer free design consultation so that we can walk through your specific needs and taste. 

After the consultation, we’ll install high-quality products and offer you top-notch customer service during and after installation to make sure you have a comfortable and safe bathroom. 

Image Source: bernardbodo / Getty Images