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Whirlpool or Air? Picking the Perfect New Massage Tub

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Bathroom remodel projects are all about making choices. In addition to selecting fixtures that give these intimate spaces the appropriate aesthetic feel, renovators and homeowners get to pick from a wide range of functional features. Although such freedom is liberating, it can also be confusing, and massage bathtubs offer a perfect example.
How can homeowners tell if they’ll be happier with a whirlpool or air tub? Here are the key distinctions and benefits to keep in mind.

What’s in a Massage Tub?

Massage tubs make bathing far more enjoyable by soothing tired muscles. While whirlpool tubs accomplish this using jets of water, air tubs use air streams to create a similar effect. This fundamental distinction has a few important impacts:

  • Heat Retention

    • Whirlpool baths tend to stay warmer for longer because they reheat the water they use to create their jets. Although air tubs use warm air to keep the bathwater temperate, this is less effective, so they aren’t quite as good at resisting cooling. It’s worth noting, however, that homeowners can upgrade their tubs with additional heaters that keep them nice and toasty.
  • Maintenance

    • The water used in whirlpool tub jets comes from the bath. Although the re-circulation systems that reintroduce it to the water include filters and other devices, they can tend to get dirty over time. As such, whirlpools require extra upkeep and maintenance, which usually takes the form of periodically sending special cleaning solutions through the jets. Air tubs draw gas from outside the tub. Thanks to their one-way flow valves, their jets don’t get filled with dirt from the bath. They can easily be sanitized using high-pressure air, which effectively makes them self-cleaning.
  • Noise

    • Like a particular style of ambiance? An air tub may be the best way to achieve it since these devices run quieter than their whirlpool-based counterparts. Of course, proper maintenance is essential to keeping any tub in working order and minimizing operational noise.

Choosing the Right Experience

One of the most noteworthy distinctions between these tub types is that they feel different. Because water is essentially incompressible, whirlpool jets can create high-pressure streams that produce a deep-tissue massage sensation. In contrast, air tubs are known for a gentler massage characterized by the presence of millions of tiny bubbles.

Which option is better? It’s truly a matter of individual preference. In the end, the best way to decide might be to take a trip down to USA Bath to experience both options in person.

Still on the fence about choosing a massage tub for an upcoming bathroom remodel? Ask one of our specialists for more pointers. Or, if you’re simply feeling generous, why not help us in our campaign to fight homelessness in California and Nevada by volunteering or donating? Discover more by visiting us online.