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Benefits of a Walk In Shower

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Walk-in showers provide a simpler alternative to traditional tub/shower combinations that can be more attractive and easier to use. Here is an overview of what sets walk-in showers apart, why adding one might benefit you, and how USA Bath® in Reno or Sacramento can help you choose and install the right walk-in shower for you!

Walk-In Shower Benefits 

Choosing a walk-in shower over a traditional shower can benefit your bathroom’s overall appearance and functionality in a wide range of ways. 


Many walk-in showers are made from materials that are easier to clean than traditional tub/shower combinations. They also tend to have fewer hard-to-clean crevices, and these differences simplify the process of keeping your bathroom looking its best. USA Bath has shower walls that  are easy to clean and non-porous, so they naturally resist hard water, mold, and mildew! 

More Space

Walk-in showers utilize space more efficiently than traditional tub/shower combinations, allowing you to enjoy a larger, more flexible shower. This style gives you more options for creating an open and spacious shower, even if your bathroom is not particularly large. 

Great for Small Bathrooms 

Tiny bathrooms make choosing a walk-in shower a remarkably strategic option. Because these showers come with fewer structural needs than many tub/shower combinations, they are one of the ideal options to work with your space. 

Shower Door Options 

While a shower curtain is generally the only option for traditional tub/shower combinations, walk-in showers with a minimal ledge, or no ledge, allow you to choose from doors made from glass or other materials that blend seamlessly with the rest of your shower. USA Bath offers several shower door options that are scratch and chip-resistant and will not stain or fade. 


Walk-in showers provide one of the easiest accessible bathing options, especially for those without a ledge. This simple design offers a convenient option for family members or frequent guests that use wheelchairs or have other mobility issues that make getting into a traditional tub/shower difficult. USA Bath offers  barrier-free showers that come with a slip-resistant floor and can be customized with features like a safety seat grab bar and shower wand.

Styles of Walk-In Showers to Consider 

If you are considering adding a walk-in shower to your bathroom, this trend comes in a variety of styles that make them easier to blend with the rest of your space than tub/shower combinations tend to be. 


Walk-in showers are relatively modern, and choosing a particularly contemporary style can create a sleek and minimalist appearance. The simple geometric shapes of these showers make them a beautiful addition to any bathroom without incorporating any unwanted details. 


Adding one modern feature does not have to mean giving up a traditional bathroom altogether. A walk-in shower can also provide a striking contrast to a bathroom largely comprised of another style. This can be ideal if you want to replace an old tub/shower without redoing the rest of your bathroom. 


The simple appearance of walk-in showers makes them a decisive option for industrial bathrooms. Walk-in showers with aluminum trim fit this aesthetic particularly well, especially when the rest of your bathroom is filled with retro decor. 

The Value of a Walk-In Shower 

Choosing a walk-in shower can add aesthetic and functional value to your home. This type of shower adds a simple beauty to your bathroom while making it look larger, and it can also increase the market value of your home if you are anticipating selling it in the future. 

Choose Professional Design and Installation 

At USA Bath®, we offer a wide range of walk-in shower options that are the perfect starting point for any bathroom redesign. We’re proud to provide homeowners with high-quality replacement showers, tub-to-shower conversions, wall surrounds, and more! We can match your bathroom and budget with a wide variety of sizes, colors, and style options!

We can create your dream bathroom with our easy-to-clean acrylic shower systems! We also have a range of handicap-accessible options, including tub-to-shower conversions and low or zero threshold showers.

No matter what bathroom style you are interested in creating, our variety of walk-in shower designs means we will likely have several ideal options. Our team provides professional installation services to ensure that your new bathroom is set up correctly the first time. 

Learn More About Transforming Your Old Tub/Shower into a Walk-In Shower 

We are here to help you choose the right walk-in shower to transform your old tub and get the most out of your bathroom remodel.

Contact USA Bath® in Sacramento or Reno today to browse our walk-in shower options or to schedule a free consultation!