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Walk-In Bath Benefits & Accessibility

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Nothing beats stepping into a hot tub after a long day. But, as we get older, this seemingly simple routine activity becomes an uphill task. The risk of falling and injuring yourself, coupled with the difficulty of getting in and out of a regular tub, is enough to make most people even dread stepping into one. 

Fortunately, decades of innovation and engineering expertise produced one of the most popular products for seniors and the disabled – walk-in tubs. A few years later, Kohler perfected the design and completely revolutionized the walk-in hot tub experience. 

But, since it’s still a relatively new product, you might be wondering how it can benefit you or fit into your lifestyle. Well, read on to find out. USA Bath California Remodeling offers the best walk-in baths to Sacramento, CA, and Reno, NV. 

Raising the Standard to Benefit You

Imagine not having to overstretch your legs when stepping into a hot tub. That’s what you get with a walk-in tub. They feature specially designed airtight doors that you can simply open and walk into or transfer from a wheelchair. They also have easy-to-grip handrails to give you extra support as you ease in and out of the tub, making them the best bathroom designs for seniors.

Once you’re in, you can recline on a heated backrest to warm your back, neck, and shoulders as you cleanse yourself with a specialized multi-function hand shower with three soothing spray settings. 

If you’re worried about excessive water usage, don’t be. You’ll typically use about 50 gallons per bath, so you don’t have to worry about your water bills going through the roof. 

 USA Bath California Remodeling can help you get started today. We have a wide selection of walk-in baths that will have you anticipating your simple and relaxing bath every day. 

What Are the Therapeutic Benefits of a Walk-In Bathtub?

Stress Relief

People have been taking warm baths to relax and relieve stress since the 1800s. Research has found evidence linking warm baths to decreased stress hormones and balanced serotonin levels. 

Improved Cardiovascular Health

There are over 30 million people with heart issues in the US. If you live in Sacramento, CA, or Reno, NV, you can control your condition with USA Bath California Remodeling’s walk-in bathtubs. A recent study found that people with heart issues can benefit from a warm bath by:

  • Decreasing arterial stiffness
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Increasing blood vessel dilation

Blood Sugar Level Reduction

Warm baths may help reduce blood sugar levels for people with Type-2 diabetes. Studies show that soaking in a warm bath may reduce blood sugar peak levels by 10%, burn 126 calories per hour, and increase energy expenditure by 80%.

Don’t wait any longer. Get your walk-in bathtub from USA Bath California Remodeling today. 

Why Should You Consider Kohler Walk-In Baths?

The average person spends about 18 months of their lifetime in the bathroom. Your bath should be a peaceful and quiet place where you can escape the chaos of the day as you relax and enjoy a warm bath.

Kohler walk-in tubs provide the best bathing experience out there. From the safety and comfort features to the luxurious hardware fixtures, these walk-in tubs are designed with you in mind. The ultra-low, three-inch threshold and an extra-wide door and handrails provide unmatched accessibility.

When it comes to comfort, nobody does it better than Kohler. Enjoy a luxurious spa-like experience with the bubble massage air jets that target stress points along your back and legs. While you’re at it, you can rest your back and recline as the heated backrest warms and loosens your back, neck, and shoulder muscles. 

Talk to a representative at USA Bath California remodeling today to order your walk-in bath. 

Ready To Revolutionize Your Bathing Experience?

Why settle for a mediocre bathtub when you can have the best? Kohler walk-in tubs provide an unmatched spa-like therapeutic experience that might just make your bath time the favorite part of your day.

If you’re ready to start bathing like royalty or need other bath remodeling services, call USA Bath California Remodeling today for a free consultation or visit any of our offices in Reno, NV, and Sacramento, CA. 

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