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Your Buying Guide to Adjustable Height Shower Heads

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An adjustable shower head makes everyone feel more at home.

An adjustable height shower head makes your shower more user-friendly for everyone in your household, from the smallest to the tallest. It also helps prevent injuries. Hundreds of thousands of people visit U.S. emergency rooms annually due to bathroom slips, with one third of these occurring in the shower, according to the Centers for Disease Control. A shower head at the appropriate height eliminates the need for tippy toes or crouching, making for a safer experience on slippery terrain. Installing an adjustable shower head is one of most cost-effective ways to customize your family’s daily routine.

Handheld Shower Heads

Handheld shower heads that screw onto your existing shower spigot are among the easiest replacements when you need flexibility in shower height. This type of head has a stationary sleeve where you can secure it for a regular shower, but you can also easily unhook the head for handheld use. It’s great for people who need to sit while in the shower.

Sliding Shower Heads

A sliding shower head is secured to a vertical bar attached to your shower wall. This gives you a good range of height adjustment, so it’s ideal for growing families. Some sliding shower heads offer handheld convenience too. A sliding shower head usually requires that you permanently affix the bar to the shower wall, so installation is somewhat more complicated than a quick switch. Rather than drill holes in the shower wall yourself, which could lead to water leakage and tile failure, consider adding this feature as a part of a shower remodel so that you can take advantage of a professional shower installation and warranty.

Adjustable Shower Heads

This kind of shower head swaps places with your existing unit, but it has a hinge that lets you move it up or down as needed. The hinge has a wing nut or a knob that you tighten to fix the head in place. The height range will likely not be as wide as you’d find in a sliding head, but it works well for adults of different heights who can easily reach the tightening device. Many have different spray settings too, so you can enjoy a soothing hot water massage before heading to work.

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