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Cool, Sleek Remodeling Ideas for Your Modern Bathroom

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Your bathroom has needed a remodel for as long as you can remember. When you look at it, all you can see is the lack of space and outdated style in it which makes you feel even more frustrated with it. However, if you are thinking about remodeling it and have the time and money to spend on it then this is the ideal time to do so. Your home needs to fit your style and needs and updating it will ensure that this goal of yours is accomplished. Although you may feel as if you are finally prepared for a bathroom remodel, it does not mean that you won’t be faced with some bumps in the road. Picking and choosing the right kind of features in any room can be difficult, especially when it is in a smaller space such as the bathroom. If you are wanting to update your out of style bathroom into a cooler and sleeker look that works well with a modern style, then we have some tips to help you get the most out of your remodel.


When you begin thinking about all of the ways to design your bathroom, you might become overwhelmed and you may make it look over the top with the amounts of items you put into it. If you are wanting a sleeker look than you had previously and making it have a modern vibe to it, then keeping it simple will really amplify your bathroom’s new features. Adding too many accessories and extra features can make your small space become crowded a lot faster which is why we suggest using simple designs such as geometric shapes, neutral colors and simple and small decorations such as flowers. You want your bathroom to look modern, but you also want it to look welcoming too and keeping your colors neutral will make it look the part and the flowers will add a welcoming vibe to it as well.

Low Maintenance

When you have a ton of rooms to clean in your home, it can make you feel less motivated to keep up with it because the amount can be overwhelming. However, if you choose items that are new and are easy to clean such as solid surfaces, high-quality faucets, waterproof wall surrounds, glass showers that are made with water anti-spotting agents and more, it can make your cleaning experience that much easier. Utilizing all your space is also important when you want to keep your bathroom looking sleek and modern. By adding more storage spaces in your bathroom, it will allow it to look clean and organized without minimizing the great look you have created for your modern bathroom. Another way to keep your bathroom looking tidy and sleek would be adding wall-mounted fixtures like a floating vanity which decreases the amount of dust you have to clean.

Energy Efficient

Everyone wants an energy-efficient home which is why making your bathroom energy efficient will be a great idea for you. An energy-efficient home can help you find ways in reducing your utility bills along with making it an eco-friendly home since you will be reducing the amount of energy used. Not only will an energy-efficient home save you money in the long run and reduce your carbon footprint, but it will be a very appealing selling point if you ever put it on the market. To make your bathroom more energy efficient you can replace your fixtures in your bathroom, add insulated windows and add tile with radiant heating, energy-efficient lighting like LED lights, using tankless water heaters and more.

Open Space

Remodeling your cramped bathroom and adding more space to it during your remodel can greatly change your views on your small space. One of the features of a modern-style bathroom is having an open-spaced room. If you are stumped on how to make your bathroom more open, then you can easily transform your small space by updating your shower by using transparent glass walls. By adding transparent glass, allows more light to enter your space which makes it look even bigger than it already is.


Having a well-lit home is important because it allows you to not waste unnecessary energy, increase your bills and it helps reduce your carbon footprint while making you feel happier because of the increase of natural light in your home. Adding a ceiling light and removing incandescent lighting and replacing them with LED lights in unique ways can really emphasize the style of your modern bathroom. You can easily add more lighting to your bathroom by installing it around the tub, sink or lighting the walls around the mirror, installing it around the counters, shelves and more.


If you are one of the many people who use technology in every aspect of your world then adding it to your bathroom remodel can make your life easier too. You can easily update your shower with LCD panels that electronically allow you to control the water flow, temperature, steam, music, and chronotherapy during your shower. Showering when it is cold does not need to be a problem anymore either because you can add warming drawers that warm your towels instead of having to put them in the dryer to create that warming effect. If you are thinking about making your bathroom look modern, then we have some tips to help you create this new look. Check out some of our products here to get started.