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Dream Designs — Planning Your Retirement Bathroom

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The safety updates you make today will keep you comfortably at home when you retire.

As you near retirement age, you should plan for the possibility of diminishing physical capacities when considering your retirement bathroom. By making some proactive home updates now, you can increase the likelihood of happily aging in place in your own home. According to an AARP survey, 90 percent of seniors said they wanted to live independently in their current homes for many years to come, and by converting your present facilities into a retirement bathroom, you can stay a step ahead of the alarm clock.

Grab Bars to Prevent Falls

Among the difficulties you may face as you age is reduced stability. Bathrooms can be dangerous places due to slippery floors and tubs, so check into some bathroom design ideas that also eliminate hazards. Installing stable grab bars in your bathroom is one of the most effective ways to prevent damaging falls, now and in the future. You will need grab bars where you get into the bath or shower as well as in other places where you would naturally brace yourself against a wall for support, such as next to the toilet. Keep in mind that grab bars must be secured to structural supports for strength and stability, and a professional bath remodeler is the best person to do the job.

Make Floors Slip-Proof

You also need to counteract the slip and fall danger posed by wet floors. Consider rubber, nonslip vinyl or sealed cork flooring as attractive yet slip-resistant alternatives to ceramic tile or linoleum. If you cannot afford to have new flooring installed, you can use non-slip floor mats as well as rubber matting in the tub or shower. Be aware, however, that floor mats can pose a tripping hazard if you use a walker or a cane. In addition, make your bathroom safer with good lighting, lowered shelving so your toiletries are easier to reach and a raised toilet seat so sitting down and getting up is not so daunting.

Enhancing Convenience

When you have physical challenges, bathing or showering may seem more like an unwelcome chore than a favorite part of your daily routine. If you are remodeling, you may want to replace your conventional bathtub/shower unit with something designed especially for seniors. A walk-in tub has a convenient door that allows floor-level access so even people with compromised balance can bathe safely. Some come with built-in grab bars, therapeutic jets, safety seating and/or adjustable sprayers. If you prefer showering, have your remodeling pro install a barrier-free shower, which will make access safer and simpler later on.

Professional Installation You Can Trust

USA Bath specializes in retrofitting your home for enhanced safety and comfort as you age in place. We provide residents in the Northern California and Reno regions with dependable, trustworthy service and updates for independent living. Contact us today to get started.