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Five Must-Know Bathroom Trends for Summer

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Even though summer is several months away, as you know, time can fly, especially when it comes to completing items on your to-do list. One area of your home that may need sprucing up come summertime is your bathroom. Getting ahead of the game can benefit you in a couple of ways. You can add bathroom items to your holiday wish list. Also, you can be prepared to have your new bathroom look in place by the time summer rolls around so you and your family can spend your summer vacationing and having fun rather than figuring out the latest must-know bathroom trends for the summer season.

Top Five Bathroom Trends for Summer

There are several bathroom trends that have become popular over the past few summers, such as:

  1. Extra Storage – Thankfully, the trend towards minimal bathroom storage has finally died down. While it may have made for a sleek look, minimal storage was far from a useful trend. Suddenly, homeowners didn’t have enough room to keep their towels, toiletries, cleaning products, and grooming products stored in the bathroom. This new trend towards extra storage remedies that problem. This trend encourages more closet, shelf, and cabinet space being built into or added to bathrooms. Even something as simple as built-in soap caddies in the shower and/or vanity is part of this trend.
  2. Monochrome color scheme – Decorating and/or remodeling your bathroom using a monochrome palette automatically adds stylishness without sacrificing simplicity. An excellent combination of monochrome colors are grays and whites. You can even add a splash of bright color in the form of towels or artwork to ensure you don’t overdo it with the monochrome colors.
  3. Mosaic tiles – Adding covering your bathroom in floor-to-ceiling tiles has become a trendy look. Some homeowners opt for smaller tiles that are the same shape and others for larger tiles of varying shapes. Either way, mosaic tiles are a bold choice that can add an unmatched flair to your bathroom.
  4. Bright color palette – For those who want to brighten their homes, they’re forgoing the tans and pale blues of bathrooms past and choosing to add a splash of color to their bathrooms. This trend comes with a warning. Adding bright colors to your bathroom may not be the best move if you plan on reselling the home in the foreseeable future, because it could be a sticking point for some potential homebuyers.
  5. Single-day bathroom remodeling – The days of having your bathroom in disarray for months due to a remodeling project are over. High-quality, efficient, and quick one-day bathroom remodeling projects. Generally, these types of remodels involved hiring bathroom remodeling companies that specialize in one-day remodels. In addition to being quicker than a traditional bathroom remodels, since they take less time, one-day bathroom remodels can often be cheaper than longer remodeling projects.

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