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Upgrading Your Medicine Cabinet

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Upgrading your medicine cabinet with bathroom accessories with USA BAth

Ways to Update Your Medicine Cabinet

Sometimes you can be lucky and not have to deal with updating or remodeling your home as much as other people’s homes. However, that does not mean that everything in your home is looking its best. You may have noticed an eyesore in your bathroom that needs to be updated like your old medicine cabinet that has seen better days. Purchasing a new one seems like an easy fix, sometimes money can be tough which is why you might not be going ahead with buying a new one. Although you may not be able to purchase a new one or you may not want to yet, it does not mean that you cannot put your own DIY skills to work. If you are wondering how you can give your old medicine cabinet a makeover to make it look newer and nicer then here are some tips to help you get started.

Mirrored Medicine Cabinet

Updating your medicine cabinet can be a lot of fun and you do not have to spend more money than you need to, especially if you choose to update the existing one that you have. One way you can update it and make your bathroom look brighter and bigger is by putting a mirror on your old medicine cabinet. A mirrored medicine can improve how bright your bathroom looks because it is easier for light to bounce off of it while making the room appear to look bigger because the reflection of the mirror adds more depth to the room.

Interior Medicine Cabinet Mirror

If you are already adding a mirror to the front of your medicine cabinet, then you might as well add an interior mirror too. Mirrors can really open the room in the space, and it will make it seem as if it is brighter in the cabinet too as the light hits it when it is open. Lastly, an interior mirror can really help you easily find items that are lurking in the back cabinet so you won’t have to waste time looking for it or going out and buying a replacement for yourself.

Add Wallpaper

Adding some wallpaper to your medicine cabinet can make it stand out a lot more and comes in a variety of looks to complete your bathroom’s overall look. Not only will wallpaper add to your look, but it is also a quick DIY project that will not make you spend more than you must. Wallpaper is also durable despite how much you might to clean or scrub it.

Decorative Hardware

When you update anything, you will have to update every part of the item during this project of yours. You cannot just update your old medicine cabinet without replacing or cleaning the hardware that is on the cabinet because that will make your DIY project look half complete. Replacing the knob to the cabinet will make your updated cabinet look like a whole new one with that one little tweak and you will be thanking yourself later when your guests tell you how much they love your cabinet.

Magnetic Cabinet

If you want to take advantage of all of the spaces in your small cabinet to make room for all of your products, then the best way to do so is putting a coat of magnetic chalkboard paint in it. After you add this coat of paint in your cabinet, you can then glue some magnets to the objects you want to stick on the walls of the cabinet so you can make room for the other items you want on the shelves. Chalkboard paint is also fun to use because you can decorate by writing reminders on it of what you need to buy later or doodling on the paint and then erase it off and start all over again.

Recessed Medicine Cabinet

Sometimes you just want to make room in your spaces and the best way to do it is to either remove everything in your home or turn your cabinets into recessed ones. Adding a DIY project to make your old medicine cabinet into a recessed one can seem difficult and a lot of work, but it is extremely simple and will make your space look bigger because most of the cabinet will be hidden away inside of the wall. This is also great to do because you can change up the height and width of your cabinet since it will not be in the open anymore.

Add Glass

Adding glass shelves in your medicine cabinet will be beneficial because it makes it look bigger because of the clear glass and it helps you find stuff a lot easier than before. Glass also works with any type of style you have for your bathroom so you will not have to struggle to find decorations that work anymore.