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Great Questions to Consider Before Remodeling Your Bathroom

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Let’s get real: A bathroom remodel is an exciting process, but the project can be overwhelming for many people. What is your budget? Should you install a tub of shower? Can you paint your bathroom walls? These questions may be hard to answer at first, but once you finish reading our guide, you’ll be on your way to creating the bathroom of your dreams. If you’re thinking about remodeling your bathroom, don’t begin without asking these important questions.

Should I Create A Bathroom Remodel Budget? 

There are many innovative ways to remodel a bathroom; as a result, you need to make sure that you don’t get carried away with the updates. So, before beginning your bathroom remodel project, you need to decide on a reasonable budget, keeping in mind that the average master bathroom remodel costs roughly $18,000.

Of course, a great bathroom can create without spending a ton of money, but a budget will ensure that your big ideas are not larger than your wallet. Sound reasonable?

What Amenities Do I Need & What Amenities Do I Want? 

Many people who set out to create a dream bathroom sometimes forget that their budget will not allow for certain amenities. To avoid unnecessary stress during the bathroom remodel, consider making a need and wants list.

Do you need a relaxing bathtub and a bigger mirror? Can you live without a new sink or toilet?

Regardless of your needs and wants, always remember that bathroom remodels are often a give or take. Even if you have all the money in the world, spacing concerns may force you to make some hard decisions. These tough decisions can be much easier by know your must-have amenities versus ones you simply want.

Should I rethink that statement-making bathtub?

You may be tempted to upgrade your bathroom with a dramatic freestanding bath. But it might not be the most practical choice going forward, particularly if you’re petite, hate cleaning, have an old rickety house, like to take long baths, or take more showers than baths.

Shower and bath surfaces get stained, and grout or silicone seals can leak or allow growth of mold or mildew.

What Is the Function of The Bathroom?

Making a need and wants list will be a cinch once you determine the function of your bathroom. While senior citizens may enjoy a bathroom where they can relax in a big tub, professional couples may just need a bathroom to take a quick shower in the morning and brush their teeth every day.

Do you have many children in your household? If so, you may want to consider installing multiple sinks, whimsical lighting, easy-to-reach towel racks, and fun artwork.

What’s the Best Flooring for A Bathroom?

Most people who are remodeling their bathroom would like to know what flooring to use. The primary thing to keep in mind is safety. While you might love the gorgeous marble, floors displayed in popular magazines, these type of floors are extremely impractical because you’re likely to fall when you step out of the shower with wet feet.

A great alternative to marble is slip-resistant ceramic tile. Make sure that you search for ceramic tile that displays a coefficient of friction rating or COF on the box, which ultimately indicates that the tile is safe to walk on with dry or wet feet.

Don’t want ceramic tile in your bathroom? Don’t worry! There are plenty of other options! One such option is vinyl flooring. Many vinyl flooring even resembles the appearance of authentic stone, brick, wood, and slate. Thankfully, vinyl flooring is so much affordable than those options.

Although it’s true that you have plenty of options aside from ceramic tile, most experts do not recommend carpet. Carpet is just not appropriate for a bathroom because the material is prone to quickly absorb water, causing bad odors, mildew, and mold.

Laminate flooring is another option that you probably want to reconsider. The flooring is unsuitable because the material may warp or delaminate when water contacts its surface.

Do I Need Ventilation?

True or false? Bathrooms are really humid.

If you answered “true,” then you probably know that a hot shower can greatly impact a bathroom’s walls, mirrors, and woodwork. The result of this damp environment is typically harmful mold and mildew growth.

To ensure that the space stays dry, you should consider installing a ventilation fan. Contrary to simply opening a window, a great ventilation fan can remove steam from a bathroom so that your walls, mirror, and woodwork are protected.

Fortunately, most of the ventilation fans that are on the market today work much quieter than older models. From a simple vent fan to more sophisticated models such as a fan/light/heater combo, you should consider this installation a necessity.

Are Energy Efficient Products Necessary? 

Based on research performed by the Environmental Protection Agency, more than 70 billion gallons of water would be conserved if one in ten homeowners installed energy efficient appliances in their bathrooms. Did you know that 70 billion gallons of water equates to $1.5 billion in energy costs savings? Now that’s a lot of savings!

What Things Can I Do Myself?

Although you may plan to hire a contractor to help you with your bathroom remodel, you can still perform some of the work yourself to save money or add a personal touch. Just ask yourself what things you do well.

Do you paint well? Save money by painting the bathroom walls yourself. Not only will you cut costs by doing the painting, you’ll also get a true feel of the color, which will ultimately help you choose great artwork for the walls.

Are you handy? Make a plan to install the toilet or fixtures. But if you are not confident in your plumbing or electrical skills, leave these projects for the pros.

Do I Need A Tub or A Shower?

Most experts agree that you should have at least one walk-in shower in the house. If you already have a walk-in shower, then you should probably consider installing a tub in this bathroom remodel. Whether you choose to install a shower or tub, USA Bath can be at your side every step of the installation process. We pride ourselves on performing excellent, full bathroom remodels in the Reno, Nevada, and West Sacramento, California.

Our high-quality products are offered at extremely reasonable prices so that you’ll receive the bathroom of your dreams. Contact us today to receive a free consultation. We are always ready to transform your space!