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How To Use Bath Wall Surroundings to Upgrade Your Bathroom

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Water is restorative, and your daily time in the water – typically in your bath or shower – should be a time that’s relaxing, harmonious and pleasant. It should not be a time when you’re trying to turn off your brain but can’t stop stressing about the mildew on your tub grout that you just haven’t had the time or motivation to scrub away.

If you’ve wished for a prettier and more pristine place to shower, you’re not alone. Bathroom renovations are one of the most popular ways to spruce up a house, and one that resonates the most positively with potential home buyers.

However, you may feel concerned about the cost of a bath or shower upgrade, or you may wonder whether it’s worth it to go through the extra expense when you may plan to sell your house in the next few years.

That’s where bath wall surroundings come into play.

These convenient panels and kits can give your bathroom a gorgeous facelift, at just a fraction of the time and cost associated with a traditional bathroom renovation. We’ve put together a list of a few bath wall surrounding options that you could use to make a much-needed update.

Shower Wall Panels

These panels can take the place of tile on your walls, but without the annoyance and time-consuming efforts that come with grouting and laying tiles.

Shower wall panels can be purchased in a variety of different styles. Some look like tile; some can have a wood or glass look; all of them give your bathroom a beautiful and economical update.

And the best part is, all of them can be applied in an easier and more waterproof manner than traditional tile and can ensure your update is finished faster, so you can start enjoying your new space more quickly.

Bath Fitters

Bath fitters can be used to give your tub a new look. They fit right over the walls around the existing tub, minimizing the need for demolition.

Bath fitters can also make it possible to add grab bars, shelves and other shower accessories without the need for tearing into tile to mount these safety features and accessories safely.

Bathtub Surround Kits

A bathtub surround can give your bath space a prettier or more high-end look. These kits are typically easy to install and can add a higher level of sophistication to your bath space.

Instead of seeing the plain and boring exterior of a fiberglass tub, the bathtub surround allows you to encase your tub in an attractive, moisture-resistant tile or acrylic coating.

If you’re looking for an even more elegant option, solid surface choices can also create an instant upgrade for a bath area.

Bath Conversions

One of the most popular choices for bath upgrades is to completely remove the bath option.

Most homeowners use their shower far more frequently than their bath, so it can make sense to optimize the space for daily showering enjoyment and convenience, rather than focusing time and energy on improving a bathtub that’s rarely used for its intended purpose.

Converting a bathtub/shower combo to a shower-only space can allow you to build a space that you’ll enjoy every day and can be customized to fit your specifications, from low- or zero-barrier entry to multiple shower heads to benches, shelves, and other accessories.

With this renovation choice, you have the most control over your space and can customize it to meet your needs and make your bathroom a refreshing oasis.

One Last Potential Benefit from Upgrading…

When you’re upgrading your bathroom, there’s one additional convenience that we haven’t mentioned; however, it does apply to the many acrylic bath surrounding options that we offer. It’s the cleaning.

Cleaning becomes so much easier when you use acrylic bath wall surroundings rather than traditional tile or fiberglass options. Scrubbing and scrubbing your tub and your shower walls can become a thing of the past, because of the mildew-resistant quality of these materials.

A refreshed space, a new style, less cleaning – a bathroom upgrade is probably sounding pretty appealing right now.

If you think that it’s the right time to consider a refresh for your bath space, USA BATH is here to help. Contact us and let’s plan a consultation on the type of bath wall surroundings and other upgrades that might be right for you.