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Modern Master Bath Remodel Ideas

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Are you tired of that leaky faucet, drab interior, or lack of light in the largest bathroom in your house? Anyone in Sacramento, CA, or Reno, NV, searching for a more modern master bath should consider a complete bathroom remodel. In this article, you will learn:

  • What most people mean when they refer to a “modern” master bathroom
  • Why light is so important to the modern look and how you can increase the amount of natural sunlight in your own master bathroom
  • How to bring in colors, textures, and accent pieces to revitalize your master bathroom

It’s difficult enough to decorate your bedroom, but when it comes to your master bathroom, you may be completely out of ideas. Should you paint it a solid color? Wallpaper the walls and hope for the best? Or, in the worst-case scenario, is your bathroom no longer safe for those who occupy it? Perhaps your spouse is aging and needs assistance getting into and out of the bathtub, or maybe it’s difficult to see slippery spots on the floor due to the dim lighting in the room. Setting up a free consultation for bath remodeling may be one of the best presents you can give yourself (and whoever else uses this bathroom) this year.

What is a Modern Master Bath?

The term “modern,” when it refers to interior design, can mean one of several things. First, it could refer to anything that looks newer than your current fixtures and designs. If your master bath was last updated in the last century, then anything you choose would be more modern than what you have now! This term could alternately refer to the latest bathroom design trends, such as backlit medicine-cabinet style mirrors and floating vanities, that everyone is rushing to try.

Finally, some people may use it to refer to the design style commonly referred to as mid-century modern that was popularized in the 1960s. There is no one right way to create a modern master bath, but you can certainly update your fixtures, wallpaper, and lighting for a dramatic change that better suits your personality and house.

Ideas for Modern Master Bath Remodeling

If you spend a lot of time at home or you work from a home office, you may want to turn your bathroom into a cozy and welcoming retreat at the end of the day by installing a large soaking tub in addition to a walk-in shower. Recent bathroom design trends have shown that sleeker lines, bidets, and accent lighting can go a long way in helping you achieve your goals. Painting your bathroom a fresh, light neutral color is a great start to adding a whiff of modernity to the space. Read through the following additional tips and ideas for creating a more modern master bathroom.

Letting the Light In

Increasing any room’s natural light is one of the best ways to create the illusion of a more open and welcoming space rather than a cramped or dimly lit corner. Adding windows to a bathroom is understandably tricky — this is the space in which you shower, bathe, change clothes, and prepare yourself for the day. You likely don’t want open windows greeting you as you step out of the bathtub!

Fortunately, adding natural light doesn’t have to leave you feeling exposed. Adding cellular window shades to existing windows can counteract the shadowy feeling that blinds can bring a space as they filter light in but do not let anyone else see into your home. Curtains can be an option for smaller windows, but consider that the bathroom can be full of allergens, and you may not want to add much cloth, which can attract dust, animal dander, mildew, and other allergens in this humid space.

Decorations, large mirrors, and a light color palette can play up the feeling of sunshine without making your bathroom feel too much like a beach house (unless this is what you’re going for, of course). You can additionally focus on lighter, airier colors and accessories to create a more sensual feeling without changing the windows or lack thereof. A skylight, if your bathroom is on the second floor or has a roof of its own, can be another creative option to let natural light flood the room without sacrificing privacy.

Creating Visual Interest With Texture

Who says rugs don’t belong in bathrooms? Choosing rugs that contrast the wall color or floor color can be a great way to add visual interest to a room that is often overlooked when it comes to creative interior design. Pick a low-pile rug with a geometric design for a high contrast, dramatic bathroom, or choose a luxurious fur bath mat for a comforting touch. For an ultra-modern look reminiscent of the 1960s, use sleek lines, geometric patterns, and bold accent colors that pop against neutral walls.

Those who prefer a more traditional-feeling bathroom but want to completely renovate older fixtures and designs will be pleased to know that it’s possible to create a modern master bath that still has a homey or rustic feeling as well. Choose cherry cabinets or a solid wood accent chair for your vanity to bring in a sense of nature.

Adding Unique Accent Pieces

Perhaps you’ve always wished to transform your bathroom into your personal spa, or maybe you simply want a large bathtub by a window that overlooks the countryside. Unique bathtubs can certainly lend your master bath a modern appeal. Choose a deep bathtub with ornamental feet or a diamond-shaped mirror for an interesting and unique vibe from the moment you step in the door. If you opt for a backlit mirror or a separate vanity, consider smaller, sleeker pieces that can be easily added to a wall and small chairs or stools that can be stored away under the vanity. Make room for walking around and easy navigating, and don’t forget to consider the needs of anyone who needs a walk-in bath, lower countertop, or accessible shower.

Even your shower can be considered an accent piece when you consider the overall design of your master bathroom. Choose a box-like shower with glass walls to create the illusion of more space, or consider re-tiling the shower with a unique design that adds focus and interest to that part of the room. Your shower tiles can be coordinated with your bathroom floor tiles to create unique designs that pair with the rest of the room.

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Remember, the functionality of your bathroom is important, but so are the aesthetics of this space. It’s important to create a room that you love coming home to every day. Design trends come and go, but fresh lighting, expanded spaces, and new fixtures improve the appearance of any bathroom. Contact us today at our Sacramento or Reno locations for more tips on how to create a modern master bath and schedule your free consultation for a full bathroom makeover today.

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