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Bathroom Designs for Remodeling

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Design ideas for your bathroom remodel from USA Bath

Modern bathroom designs are no longer just about having the basics. They reflect the aesthetic preferences and current lifestyle of the homeowner, but increasingly, they are incorporating accessibility for aging in place. Some examples include roll-in showers, wide doorways, lower sinks and vanities with open space beneath that can accommodate a wheelchair or walker, adjustable mirrors, and walk-in tubs. Walk-in tubs provide easy access to allow the elderly or those with mobility limitations to enjoy the relaxation and therapeutic benefits of a warm bath. Bathroom designs that include accessibility are not only a good plan for future aging in place, but they also modernize the look of your home, increase the value, and make it inclusive for guests or potential future buyers, as well.

New Designs for Bathroom Remodeling

There is really no right or wrong in today’s modern bathroom designs. You can create a welcoming, relaxing, spa-like environment inclusive of every age, ability, and taste. By choosing the right remodeling professionals, you can have the bathroom you want within a budget, as well. If you just have to have that rain shower head or freestanding tub, maybe you have to go a little more conservative on your choice of tile or furnishings. Your experienced design advisor can help you make the tradeoffs that keep you on budget and on track for a bathroom that you’ll be thrilled with.

To get started on your bathroom look, you may want to consider a theme. Having a theme keeps your room looking cohesive and well thought out. You may use it as a starting point or find one that ideally fits your vision. Bathroom designs can incorporate themes, including but not limited to:

  • Color and tone
  • Showstopping features
  • Regional influences
  • High-end conveniences

Color can be a whole story in and of itself, with brightly colored tile serving as artwork. If you love to travel, bring your favorite place home with you by incorporating regional styles. The perfect fantasy bath has the wow factor and luxury touches that you’d expect to see in a high-end spa but in the comfort of your own home. Now, let’s look at a few ideas that may spark your imagination.

Bright White

Nothing is quite as clean, serene, and peaceful as white. However, if you don’t consider texture and tone, it is easy to go from cloud-like to clinical. Mixing materials such as natural stone and metallics with matte elements like bleached or natural wood in shades from stark white to cream warms up the space and steers it firmly away from a cold, sterile look. Marble, granite, and quartz can bring in color and depth with veining and mixed particles. All you need now are fluffy towels, soft and absorbent mats, and some candles to stage your in-home spa.

Elegant Black

Like a little black dress or a classic tuxedo, nothing says elegance like black. Imagine your bathroom as a respite, one that feels like a special occasion. Glossy black cabinetry and crown molding, matte black walls, framed art, and crystal sconces all combine to be formal yet comfortable. A white sink and toilet are like the crisp white collar and cuffs setting off the classic black suit.

Focal Points

Adding focal points can take a bathroom from simple to show-stopping. Choosing a beautiful tile for your shower that goes from floor to ceiling is one way to create a dramatic feature wall. You could do an equally stunning but less expensive version of a feature wall with wallpaper in a bold print. A smaller but equally beautiful feature is to place mosaic or contrasting tile into the floor to create a tile “rug.” Highlight a gorgeous freestanding soaker tub in front of a window for a dramatic look.

Retro Chic

The old adage that tells us everything old is new again is as true in bathroom design as anywhere. Beadboard is an old-fashioned material that has become popular again over the last few years. Another resurgence is in the area of wallpaper. Antique furniture can be given a new life as a vanity or a linen closet. Repurpose a barn door for the entry and some antique chandeliers for lighting, and you have an elegant, unique, eco-friendly bathroom retreat.

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom

The modern farmhouse look marries cool simplicity with warm, rustic touches. Think of untreated wood, shiplap, hand-hammered metal, clay pots, repurposed bottle vases, cool colors, and mismatched elements. If you happen to have a barn door handy, put it on rollers to separate the water closet from the rest of the bathroom.

Southwest Bathroom Design

Embrace color in a Southwest-themed bathroom. Think reds, yellows, oranges, and greens in your color choices. Natural wood like knotty pine is a perfect accent, as is black wrought iron. Incorporate natural elements like succulents, chili pepper prints, and brightly colored textiles reminiscent of a serape. Terracotta tile is the ideal choice for a Southwest-inspired bathroom design.

Parisian Batrhoom Style

If you’ve ever been to Paris, you understand that Parisian elegance is a way of life. It’s in the quality of the furnishings, the simplicity, the classic feel, and, above all, le plaisir or pleasure. To capture a bit of that elusive je ne se quoi that the French do so well, start with the color for your bath. Black and white is always a good choice, as is white with some darker accents. For the furnishings and decor, think sophistication with vanity benches, lighting, and mirrors.

His and Hers Sinks

Dual sinks have been on the must-have list for homebuyers for a while now. In recent years, designers have taken it a step further by creating completely separate zones or vanities in the master bath. No more sharing counter space, mirror real estate, arguing over drawers, or dancing around each other while you get ready for work. In luxury real estate, the latest trend is his and hers ensuites. Imagine having an entire master bathroom for yourself!

High-End Comfort

If budget isn’t a problem, there is a whole world of possibilities. From features like a fireplace in front of a deep soaker tub to a television masquerading as a mirror to a warming rack that heats your towel to the perfect toasty temperature to an outdoor shower that mimics far away rain forests, anything you can envision is possible. Add floor-to-ceiling windows looking out over a forest-like yard or a skyline view of a city, and you have a bathroom that you’ll never want to leave.

Modern Bathrooms Designs Made Possible with USA Bath

Whether you need shower or tub installation, full bathroom remodeling, or senior and handicap-accessible bathrooms, USA Bath can turn your dreams into a reality. We specialize in bath systems, shower systems, accessibility products, and full bathroom remodeling in Northern California and Northern Nevada. But where we truly shine is in providing the highest quality customer satisfaction, the highest quality products, and professional, transparent installation at reasonable prices. To get started in your modern bathroom, contact us today.

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