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No More Stubbed Toes! – The Best Night Lights for Your Bathroom

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The latest bathroom ideas on night lights

When you wake up in the middle of the night, think twice before using the ceiling lights. Bright, direct light affects melatonin levels and may interfere with your slumber for hours to come, according to the National Sleep Foundation. It could also disturb other people. Night lights offer a much better solution, and they’re now available in many innovative styles:

1. In-Toilet

You can install a GlowBowl or Illumibowl on the rim of your toilet. This device makes it easy to find your way to the seat. The GlowBowl will let you select one of seven colors and even choose the brightness level.

2. Lighted Seat

If you need to replace your toilet seat, it may come as a surprise that you can purchase a night light at the same time. Kohler offers a variety of seats with battery-powered illumination. They automatically light up during the evening and run for seven hours each night.

3. Motion Detector

If you prefer a more conventional light that doesn’t attach to your toilet, consider buying a General Electric unit with a motion sensor. Numerous people use these devices in luxury bathrooms. The light only activates when someone walks nearby. This conserves energy, and there’s no need to find a switch in the dark.

4. Darkness Sensor

Some modern night lights automatically illuminate bathrooms when they detect darkness. This design saves electricity and eliminates the need to turn them on or off. They’re available from companies like Hampton Bay, GE and Maxxima. A few units combine light and motion sensors for maximum efficiency.

5. LED Lights

In addition to most of the above-mentioned products, some basic models now feature light-emitting diodes. This reliable technology saves power and reduces heat production. Unlike traditional incandescent units, many LED night lights draw less than one watt. A few models will let you change the color by pressing a button.

6. Backup Power

If the power goes out and you need to use the bathroom, you’ll appreciate having a night light with a backup battery. Brands like Capstone, Life Gear and Good Choice offer lights that connect to electrical outlets but contain rechargeable batteries. They instantly switch to battery power during blackouts.

7. Directional

Although the average night light permanently remains in one position, you can find units that tilt or have rotating shades. This makes it possible for you to point the beam toward a toilet or sink. Several companies offer directional lights; they include AmerTac, Satco and Meridian.

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