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Safe and Affordable Bathing Independence

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No one asks to go through mobility issues. We may not ask for it, but changes in our mobility can come out of nowhere or strike when we start to get older. There is good news to help you or your loved ones deal with mobility challenges. Often, mobility issues make getting in and around in the bathroom dangerous and difficult. Bathing is often a difficult task for those suffering. Oftentimes, a caregiver is needed just to help get you in and out safely. This is where we can help. We here at USA Bath have made it our life’s work to give those with mobility issues back their bathing independence.

walk in bath tub in home bathroom

Why Choose a Walk-In Tub

Our high-quality walk-in tubs will not only give you back your bathing mobility, but they will also give you back your confidence and allow you to age in place! You will be able to confidently tell your family members that YOU can take care of all your bathing needs on your own without any help. This means no more talk of selling your home and moving to a nursing home. You see, the problem with traditional bathtubs is that mobility issues make it extremely dangerous for those with mobility issues to get safely in and out. Our walk-in tubs feature a very low threshold so that you can get in and out safely and confidently on your own and without having to move or hire a caregiver.

In addition to low thresholds, our walk-in tubs feature textured non-slip floors, safety bars, comfortable seats, ergonomic faucet, and jet system controls which will be the answer to regaining your bathing independence.

Why Choose USA Bath

As little as one day is all it takes to give you back your bathing independence and your confidence. We have helped hundreds regain their bathing independence and we would love nothing more than to do the same for you.  Many say their biggest regret is that they waited so long to call us. Don’t make the same mistake. Call today to learn more about this safe and affordable bathing product.