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A Guide to Shower Grab Bars

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Slippery floors have the potential to cause despairing damage to people. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released statistics that show millions of elders have fallen in the bathroom. However, the injuries are not limited to the old. There have been incidents where middle-aged people, the young, and even toddlers have been seriously hurt. Showering should not be dangerous but rather bring satisfaction and comfort. Join us as we look at some things that will help you improve your shower experience.

Advantages of Grab Bars in the Shower

Eliminating the risks in the bathroom means shower grab bars come in handy (literally). These are support rails that assist you with balance in the shower. They help you feel safe standing on a slippery floor or if you have a medical condition that can make you fall. Here are several advantages associated with grab bars.

Enhances Stability, Comfort, and Confidence

Bathrooms are risky due to their slippery nature. Without safety tools like shower grab bars, older people in the house will feel dependent. Resulting in their loss of confidence. Stability in the bathroom is paramount, especially when taking a shower. Having a shower grab bar to hold on to as you scrub your back could save you from a horrible fall.

Reduces Chances of Falling

A shower grab bar is made with strong materials that are perfect for helping you balance yourself. If you fear slipping in the bathroom, you can hold on to it for support.

The Versatility of Grab Bars in the Shower

A shower grab bar can come in various shapes and sizes. You can choose your preference that will perfectly suit your bathroom. Here are the main differences; 

Grab Bar with Toilet Paper, Soap Dish, or Towel Holder

These multipurpose shower grab bars can serve as soap, towels, or toilet paper holders while helping you maintain balance. They are perfect for space maximization.

Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar

As the name suggests, this is a height-adjustable shower grab bar placed in bathrooms with ceilings as high as 10 feet to help you get in and out of the bathroom without fear of falling.

Kohler Choreograph Shower Bar

Other than a shower grab bar, it is a bathroom decor that keeps you safe. It looks like a ballet barre but will assist you with bathroom mobility and safety.

Safe-er-grip Bath and Shower Handle

While other shower grab bars need drilling to the walls, the safe-er-grip can be attached to any smooth surface. However, its function is to assist you in having balance in the bathroom and will not hold your weight as a mounted shower bar would.

Corner Grab Bars

These are perfect when one has to sit down to take a shower. These grab bars are placed in the corners for lifting yourself after a bath, drastically reducing the risk of falling.

Best Places to Install a Grab Bar

Several acts in the USA have guidelines on how and where a shower grab bar is installed. For instance, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) instructs that grab bars must be drilled with screws in studs behind a wall. Bathrooms have various architectural designs. Experts are to check the best place to fix the grab bar by demonstrating how you can go in and out of the shower and noting where they are holding. Grab bars fit in any direction depending on the customer style and the effectiveness required.

Other Bathroom Safety Features to Consider

Other than shower grab bars, various safety measures are employed to ensure safety in the bathroom.

Shower Chairs

These are literal chairs built-in or fitted in the bathroom to ensure safety in the shower. They are available as rear bench seats, corner seats, fold-down seats, and bench seats.

Hand-Held Shower Head

The fact that they are hand-held guarantees safety in the shower. A hand-held shower head is fitted on the wall with a hose so you can use the shower head in your hand. When combined with a shower chair and grab bar, your risk of slipping is greatly reduced.


These caddies are bathroom shelves that double up as safety features and bathroom accessories holders. A caddy in your shower will help keep your shower toiletries off the floor and out of your way. They are available in different options; two shelf corner caddies, one shelf corner caddy, two caddies with a shaving stand, and two shelves rectangular corner caddies.

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