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Tips for Your Shower Remodel

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If you are looking to reinvent a bathroom, add luxury, or update old, yellowing plastic, remodeling your shower is often the right answer. Shower remodels can transform a dated bathroom into a steamy private oasis and even turn a powder room into a fully functional guest bath. With the help of a professional remodeling team, you can realize a beautiful and functional new bathroom design

Why a Shower Remodel Is Not a DIY Project

There are many small bathroom projects that you can DIY, but a new shower usually should not be among them. This is because showers go deeper than surface-level remodeling, requiring careful attention paid to the plumbing, insulation, and water sealing in addition to simply laying a lovely new line of tile.

Why risk massive water damage or an uncomfortable shower when you don’t have to? Working with bathroom renovation specialists, you can hand-pick your tile, features, and style for the new shower and trust your team to bring your vision to life. Professional installation and design – with USA Bath® – are on your side to create the ideal shower for your space.

Here are a few tips to refining your shower.

Tip 1: Don’t make In-Shower Storage an afterthought

Shower storage is what makes a shower convenient and comfortable. You shouldn’t have to mount a slowly rusting tension shelf or hang something from your showerhead to have your shampoo within easy reach. The right shower storage design in the form of niches, hooks, and shelves can transform your shower experience and truly make your shower remodel to feel like an upgrade.

You can have a beautiful multi-shelf caddy installed directly into the corner of your shower, or choose a shower design with an inset nook or niche. Shower shelving can also be upgraded into a convenient and comfortable seat.

Tip 2: Be Prepared for Unplanned Accessibility Needs

Building a handicap-accessible shower is a long-term investment, not just for your benefit. When you choose accessibility features like grab bars or a wheel-friendly shower floor, you are making your home more welcoming for the next person who sprains an ankle, throws out their hip, or if you host a visitor with a permanent handicap.

Accessibility upgrades also ROI well because they make your home more welcoming to a wider range of buyers, including seniors and families with a disabled relative.

Tip 3: Lighting is Important

Have you ever lamented the shadowy recesses of your shower? Whether you shave in the shower or like to see your soaps, showers tend to be darker than the rest of the bathroom because the shower curtain blocks light from the overhead or vanity light fixtures. So, why not light the interior of your shower?

Safe LED light fixtures can be placed overhead in neatly recessed canister lights or moisture-resistant sconces for all the lighting you need in and out of the shower.

Ready to Remodel Your Shower? Contact the Experts at USA Bath®

Shower remodels are an excellent way to breathe new life into your bathroom and make your daily routine a more luxurious experience. Whether you are planning a whole-bathroom remodel or simply craving a spacious and beautiful shower, USA Bath® is ready to assist.

Serving homes in the regions of both Sacramento, CA and Reno, NV, contact us today to consult on your bathroom renovation plans and vision.