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Showering Independence is your Reality

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Thousands of homeowners with mobility issues have turned to us here at USA Bath to help them navigate through their mobility issues. Typically, mobility issues create problems getting around in the bathroom. Stepping in and out of a traditional bathtub or shower is difficult because it requires balancing on one foot. We here at USA Bath have helped thousands with newly or longstanding mobility issues hold onto their bathing independence with our Walk-in shower. It is one of our most sought after shower remodeling products. Many tell us it is the reason they were able to hold onto their bathing independence and stay in their homes.

With our step through insert, stepping in and exiting is now easy and safe for you! In a day or two, we can give you back your independence and keep you in your comfortable home. The other plus is that our Walk-in-shower isn’t medical looking at all but instead stylish and beautiful.

Here at USA Bath are extremely proud of our reputation as one of the trusted leaders in the home improvement industry. We here at USA Bath, have earned our name by the simple way in which we do business. Our secret is that we only put our name on the very best products that are made from the very best materials. We walk away from average products on a daily basis. We have helped thousands of homeowners stay in their homes and take a shower whenever they feel like it. No waiting on someone to help them and no more talk of having to sell their comfortable home and move! Not with us here at USA Bath.