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Space Tight in Your Bathroom? Here are Eight Creative Storage Ideas

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How to make a small bath more spacious


Many bathrooms offer little storage space, but you need room for countless cosmetic, personal hygiene and cleaning products. Such items range from cotton swabs to deodorant. The good news is that you don’t need a larger lavatory to minimize clutter and gain more space. These small bathroom ideas could help:


1. Use the Space Around Sinks and Toilets – Don’t waste potential storage room around the sink and toilet. Think about adding shelves or a wall cabinet. Another option is to buy a special rack that fits over your toilet. Some organizers and shelves are designed for placement under pedestal sinks to take advantage of the unused space.


2. Increase Existing Storage Capacity – Make the most of the space in existing cabinets. Sliding drawers or a compact Lazy Susan will allow you to store small objects in multiple rows and quickly find these items when you need them. This strategy works well if you have numerous medications and lotions.


3. Utilize Wall Space – Free up counter and cabinet space by mounting more objects on the walls. You may add fixtures that hold toothbrushes, cups, magazines and rolls of paper towel. If you don’t mind using liquid soap, install a soap dispenser as well.


4. Custom Space Saving Options – Purchase holders for small appliances that you keep in the bathroom. You can buy wall-mounting kits for hair dryers and electric shavers; some products cost less than $10. If you prefer to leave the walls as they are, consider mounting a holder on a wooden cabinet’s door.


5. More Shelves Equals More Storage – Acquire an organizer that hangs from the shower head. This product comes in handy if every family member prefers a different brand of soap or your shower has few built-in shelves. You may also boost your lavatory’s storage capacity with a door organizer. This type of rack conveniently adds multiple shelves to a bathroom door.


6. Use Dead Space Above Doors – If there’s room to spare, install a permanent shelf above the doorway or any laundry appliances. Use the surface to store lightweight objects, such as towels, sponges and extra facial tissues. This will reduce the risk of injury when an earthquake occurs or you drop an item by accident.


7. Remodel the Room for More Space – Do these small bathroom ideas seem inadequate so far? If so, consider remodeling the entire room. This project would provide an excellent opportunity to consolidate pockets of wasted space and install compact fixtures. A small bathroom remodel will increase your home’s value as well.


8. Bath to Shower Conversion – Create more room for cabinets and built-in shelves by converting a bathtub into a shower. Over three out of five homeowners prefer shower stalls, according to HouseLogic. Most people seldom take baths, and you must work harder to clean and maintain a tub.


If you’re ready for a small bathroom remodel or want to banish your bathtub in favor of a shower, the home improvement experts at USA Bath can help. Our staff has the training and experience needed to convert almost any tub and develop appealing small bathroom designs. To learn more, please contact a USA Bath in Nevada or California.