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Take a Shower Independently Whenever you Feel Like It

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Many homeowners just never get around to taking a relaxing bath. If you are like the majority of homeowners and never use your tub, stop allowing it to sit there unused day after day. Here at USA Bath we have the answer you’ve been waiting for. Our tub-to-shower conversion is extremely high-quality and built to last. While many people just don’t find the time to take a relaxing bath, others can’t take a bath due to mobility issues. Our tub-to-shower conversion is perfect for those who have a hard time balancing on one foot to step into a traditional tub. We specialize in helping those with mobility issues hold onto their bathing independence. Many of our satisfied customers have even written in to tell us that our product changed their lives! They say when they first started to experience mobility issues they thought they would have to sell their home and move to a nursing home. Now, they are able to take a relaxing shower on their own, in their home, whenever they feel like it. We would love nothing more than to help you achieve this kind of independence! Our showers are easier to clean and naturally resist mold and mildew! Plus they give a nice open feel to your bathroom. We have lots of colors and patterns to coordinate with any look you are going for.

Biscuit Shower Base and Brecchia Diamond Walls

Tub-to-Shower Conversion Benefits:

  • Customizable: With many colors and patterns to choose from you can perfectly customize your new shower conversion
  • Accessories: We have a wide selection of showering accessories available
  • Increased Space: Helps you get a more spacious bathroom
  • Low maintenance: Mold and mildew resistant means less scrubbing for you

Here at USA Bath we have earned our good name by only putting it on the highest quality products. Plus, we bring you these products at fair and honest prices so anyone can have access to them. Whether you need to replace your bathtub, shower, or you want to upgrade your bathroom with another one of our high-quality products, we have beautiful low maintenance and affordable bath systems to fit anyone’s budget. Plus, we can have your bathroom finished up in as little as one day! The highest quality products, fair and honest pricing, and experienced installers are what make USA Bath your premier bathroom remodeler.