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Bathroom Smart Technology Pro’s and Con’s

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Technology has grown so much over the past decade to the point that everything that we own is connected to the internet somehow. Some refrigerators have a touchscreen on them and are connected to Amazon’s Alexa, some doorbells have cameras on them and can even memorize the faces of your visitors. Even bathrooms have smart technology that can be used to help make your life easier. If you are wondering if smart technology is right for you or whether it is beneficial to add in your bathroom, then here is a list of pros and cons to help you decide. 

Pros of Bathroom Smart Tech

Energy Efficient

Everyone wants to save the world and save money at the same time. Although we would like to be a superhero from time to time to save the world, it does not mean that we can save the world as one person. Making a good impact on our environment is extremely hard which is why so many people turn to ways to reduce their carbon footprint. One of the ways to reduce the amount of energy you use is by using products that are energy efficient such as smart plumbing, lighting, and so on. Smart plumbing is extremely useful when it comes to saving water since you can easily change the temperature to the one that you prefer for a shower instead of running the water, waiting for it to heat up.

Less Spread of Germs

Have you ever thought of the fact that you might be touching germs when you turn the faucet on or off when you are washing your hands? Nowadays germs and viruses are all we think about due to the recent pandemic in the world which is why being health conscious is important in times like these. No one wants to become sick and when you have smart plumbing in your bathroom you do not have to worry about germs anymore. For example, smart plumbing makes it to where you do not have to touch your toilets or faucets since the technology uses sensors and Alexa to turn off or on the water and flush your toilets by using voice commands or motions.

Prevents Damage

No one likes to spend money on things like unexpected repairs, but occasionally you will be faced with having to deal with damages to your home and the bills that come with it. However, there are ways to prevent that and one way to keep up with your home is by using technology to your advantage. For example, when you have smart plumbing you will not have to deal with any worries disrupting your time away from home. No one wants to worry about things in their home while they are on vacation or on a date which is why these products are so convenient for your peace of mind. Smart plumbing can keep track of your daily water usage, patterns and it can notify you if there are any problems like a leak or broken toilet right away. Not only does the smart plumbing notify you of a problem in your plumbing, but it also gives you the ability to turn off your water to stop further damage to your home which can save you a lot of money in damages.

Fun and Useful

If you are the type of person who takes forever in the bathroom, sings while showering, and just has a fun, relaxing time in there then you will love having smart technology in your bathroom. You might already love being connected to the web all the time and using it in the bathroom can make your life way more fun and easier.

Cons of Bathroom Smart Tech


Although you love the internet, there are times when it can be extremely unreliable, and it can really disrupt whatever you are doing at the time. If this does happen then you are going to be facing a huge problem when it comes to your bathroom, no water. So, when your internet goes out you will not have access to water and your plumbing will not work either.


Some tech products can be confusing no matter how tech-savvy you are. It may take a while for you to understand what you are using so you will be facing a lot of technical difficulties. It will also be a problem for those who have no savviness in technology so be aware of this before going out for some smart technology in your bathroom.


If you are not interested in buying expensive products, then smart technology is not for you. Although you may save money in the long run by using energy-efficient products, it is still a pretty big hit on your wallet so you will need to be sure if this investment is right for you.