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3 Reasons Why Today’s Bathroom Remodels Use Bronze

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bronze sink faucetBathroom makeovers are serious affairs. Although anyone can decide to embark upon such a project, only those with true design vision end up being pleased with the results. Fortunately, such creative influence isn’t overly hard to come by. Materials like bronze offer inspiration in spades, and from professional designers to regular homeowners, everyone’s taking notice.

Why is bronze so popular with architects, layout experts and consumers? Here are three of the top reasons:


   1. Rich Color Is Always in Season

Bronze is nothing new. After all, it was humanity’s primary alloy for thousands of years. While our technological prowess and bronzeworking skills may have progressed by leaps and bounds since those ancient times, the metal remains extremely attractive.

Today, bronze owes a lot of its enduring popularity to its vibrant hues and tones. Unlike brass, this metal can take on a variety of shades based on the types of finishing treatments applied during the fabrication process.

From oil-rubbed to antiqued varieties, bronze exhibits darker hues that are easier to match with the full spectrum of colors. This makes it the ideal, always-in-season complement to all kinds of vanities, mirrors and counters. No matter whether a bathroom features solid marble, rustic wood or modern ceramics, it’s likely to look even more fetching with bronze.


   2. Minimal Maintenance Means Maximum Convenience

Bronze isn’t well-suited to harsh cleansers and chemicals. This works to the advantage of homeowners who don’t want to transform their bathrooms into toxic waste sites just to keep them clean.

Instead, those who own bronze fixtures can keep them looking fresh using a simple mixture of flour, vinegar and salt. Since this paste works exceptionally well when combined with a bit of elbow grease, bronze is way easier to clean than many alternatives. The fact that periodic dusting and regular scrubbing increase the effectiveness of deep cleaning sessions doesn’t hurt either.


   3. Affordability Lends Itself to More Complete Projects

Bronze is primarily composed of copper, which is highly common and easy to work with. Thanks to these facts, manufacturers can offer a range of bronze fixtures at lower prices than people might expect to pay for such high-quality, durable bathroom hardware.

Why is affordability so important? The most satisfying bathroom remodels go the whole distance instead of stopping halfway. Completing an entire space makeover in one go is the best way to capture the design spirit that initially prompted the project. Affordable fixtures go a long way towards ensuring that homeowners can accomplish their dream itineraries without exceeding their budget limits.

We love bronze fixtures, but bathroom remodeling isn’t our only passion. USA Bath is also working to help the homeless in Raleigh and Research Triangle Park, so why not donate unused items, volunteer or make a financial contribution? Find out more by visiting us online.