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What are the Benefits of Working with a Bath Planet Dealer?

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Customers who live in Sacramento and Reno can benefit from working directly with a Bath Planet Dealer when remodeling their bathrooms. Within this article, you will learn the following tips:

  • Why bathroom remodeling is generally so expensive
  • Why the materials are often not the highest cost in a bathroom remodel
  • The benefits of working with a Bath Planet dealer

Maybe you’ve grown sick of the wet shower curtain, and you desire a glass door, or perhaps you’ve had it with the crack spreading across your mirror. Your bathroom might even host a few unhealthy microorganisms, including dust mites, mildew, and mold. What’s stopping you from scrapping the outdated fixtures and completely remodeling from scratch? For many customers, it’s a budgeting issue. Without the right suppliers and contractors, bathroom remodeling can be incredibly expensive. 

Fortunately, there are affordable options. Working with a Bath Planet dealer through USA Bath can be a great step in the right direction of finishing your dream bathroom at a cost that doesn’t break the bank. Read through the following facts and tips to understand what drives up the price of bathroom remodels and what you can do to come in under budget. Get in touch with us for more information and to schedule your bathroom estimate!

Why Is Bathroom Remodeling So Expensive in the Sacramento and Reno Areas?

Many homeowners have been shocked at the price of their proposed bathroom remodel project. Even honest, reputable contractors may charge you at a price that you consider too high due to the cost of materials, the labor, and the wide swath of professionals involved in a bathroom remodel. Let’s get into the basics by discussing why bathroom remodels are frequently more expensive than you would have imagined.

The Materials Involved

Perhaps you’re just switching out that old, mildewy shower for a nicer model with a glass door — but consider everything that’s involved in this switch. Regarding materials, you may need new drywall, backsplash materials, a new showerhead, and even a new drain. And that’s just the materials contained within the shower! The glass, the hinges, and the door handle are more considerations. Depending on your original budget and how much wiggle room you have, you may have to compromise on features you don’t want or move your budget even higher.

This example only includes the shower remodel, but what happens when you are remodeling the whole bathroom? You have to consider a new sink or two, mirrors, paint, vanities, and cabinets. You may want to replace your construction-model bathtub with a vintage model to go with your bathroom’s aesthetic vibe. Materials overall can take a hefty chunk out of your remodel budget.

The Labor Costs

Materials often aren’t the most expensive part of a bathroom remodel. When you consider all of the professionals who need to be called in for a consultation, the dollar signs can start to add up. For a single bathroom remodel, you may work with the following professionals:

  • Your general contractor (if you choose to work with one) will take their fee as a percentage of what you pay for materials and the other professionals’ fees
  • A carpenter to handle the framing or deconstruction of walls
  • A plumber to handle the pipes, installation of new fixtures and toilets, and look out for water flow concerns
  • A painter, if you are not planning on painting by yourself
  • A countertop installer if you are upgrading to granite or installing a new vanity
  • A cabinet installer if you are making room in your bathroom for a growing family or more storage space
  • A flooring installer to complete the look of the bathroom and to frame out the shower space before a door can be installed

As you are likely now aware, Bathrooms are a multifaceted remodeling project that incorporates the specialties of several tradespeople. If you are working with a general contractor to manage them all, that’s great, but be aware that the contractor’s fees may go up with each professional they hire for the job. Acting as the contractor on your own may save you money, but you may not be sure of the professionals’ reputations before they begin the job. You must do your research and choose carefully before starting.

The Benefits of Working With a Bath Planet Dealer

Bathroom remodels can be stressful! This space is one of the most used and the most complex in the entire household. It takes multiple licensed professionals to handle the series of jobs involved in installing a new shower, bathtub, vanities, or sinks. The alternative is to hire a dealer who contracts with professional installers and the companies who make the equipment installed in your bathroom. This choice can save you time and money.

If you’re dealing with the situation above or considering embarking on a bathroom remodel, consult with a Bath Planet dealer before choosing any more materials or professionals to complete the job in stages. We specialize in full bathroom remodels. Read on to discover what our service could afford you.

1. We Are a Licensed, Professional Bathroom Remodel Company

Many general contractors keep the “general” label because they are licensed to provide repairs and hire subcontractors in most areas of your home remodel. Some of them may not tell you that they have never overseen the remodeling of a bathroom before despite knowing the theory behind the job. At USA Bath, creating aesthetically pleasing, safe, and functional bathrooms is our number one priority!

2. We Have Contracts With Several Premium Suppliers

We only provide our customers with the highest quality of bathroom fixtures and materials at Bath Planet. You may choose your colors, your materials, and your bathroom’s theme, or we can take the reins from the beginning if you just want something “nicer,” but you aren’t too set on specifics. 

3. We Can Change Your Bathroom’s Layout

Updating the look of your bathroom by choosing a new wall paint is one thing. However, understanding that some customers may need a bigger bathroom area, a different layout for a growing family, or accessible options for elderly parents is another. We are dedicated to providing your family with an understanding of the options available to you so that you can have a bathroom that is an enjoyable, safer place to be. 

Get In Touch Today

When you choose USA Bath products and our Bath Planet remodeling services, you can rest assured that we pride ourselves on our customer-oriented approach to remodeling your bathroom. We care greatly for the customer, the design of the bathroom, and the overall quality you receive at the end of the job. Get in touch with us today at either our Sacramento or Reno locations to schedule a free consultation if you have questions about your bathroom remodel. You may also send us a message here if you wish. We look forward to working with you!

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